Erin James | Portrait Session Part II

“i was born with an enormous need for affection,  
and a terrible need to give it.” 
[audrey hepburn]
 photo 1_erin_james_sweetness_itself_im_kristen_photography9of17.jpg
-- part one of erin's portrait sessions --

The tagline for Erin James' new online magazine is "Vintage values for elegant women, chasing the lost art of being a lady."  She has made references to Kate Middleton, June Cleaver, Grace Kelly and Jane Austen.  Her mind is a landing strip for the "beautiful little things that make life rich."  As Erin shared with me her hopes for this new career direction, I knew I wanted to photograph her with every bit of lady from a different generation.  Given that in her day-in, day-out life Erin's look is a bit more of a "Carrie Bradshaw"/Malibu Barbie/California Baby I want to display her inner Audrey.   These headshots and portraits are more practical and functional (than, say, a black tulle ball-gown), but I love seeing this part of Erin, too.  
 photo 1_erin_james_sweetness_itself_im_kristen_photography11of17.jpg photo 1_erin_james_sweetness_itself_im_kristen_photography2of17.jpg photo 1_erin_james_sweetness_itself_im_kristen_photography5of17.jpg
 photo 1_erin_james_sweetness_itself_im_kristen_photography7of17.jpg
 photo 1_erin_james_sweetness_itself_im_kristen_photography4of17.jpg
 photo 1_erin_james_sweetness_itself_im_kristen_photography12of17.jpg
 photo 1_erin_james_sweetness_itself_im_kristen_photography2of2.jpg

 photo 1_erin_james_sweetness_itself_im_kristen_photography3of17.jpg
 photo 1_erin_james_sweetness_itself_im_kristen_photography14of17.jpg
 photo 1_erin_james_sweetness_itself_im_kristen_photography15of17.jpg
 photo 1_erin_james_sweetness_itself_im_kristen_photography13of17.jpg
 photo 1_erin_james_sweetness_itself_im_kristen_photography18of17.jpg
 photo 1_erin_james_sweetness_itself_im_kristen_photography8of17.jpg
 photo 1_erin_james_sweetness_itself_im_kristen_photography10of17.jpg
 photo 1_erin_james_sweetness_itself_im_kristen_photography17of17.jpg
 photo 1_erin_james_sweetness_itself_im_kristen_photography3of2.jpg

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  1. Sarah de Graffenried10.9.14

    is your website wearing a newish design? Maybe I haven't been observant. Either way- I adore it.

  2. Beautiful girl and beautiful pictures!

  3. Hello, I'm heather and I love your work! What are your prices?


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