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inspired by huffington post's recent publishing of ken heyman's photographs of mothers.  an idea like this had been in my brain-idea-bin for a while, and this finally gave me the motivation to follow through with it.

Dear mama and mama-figures (whoever you may be),
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen119of42.jpg
Thank you for your hips...
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen15of42.jpg
... your cheeks,
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen18of42.jpg
... your forearms and the crook above your elbow.
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen16of42.jpg
Thank you for your time,
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen133of42.jpg
... (your night-time
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen137of42.jpg
... and your day-time) -- for a lifetime.
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen124of42.jpg
Thank you for monster socks,
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen19of42.jpg
for lots of yummy yogurt because it's my favorite and makes me nice and chubby,
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen132of42.jpg
... and for your patience.
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen14of42.jpg
Thank you for loving me even more now than you did then...
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen129of42.jpg
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen113of42.jpg
Thank you for calm,
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen122of42.jpg
and for your exhausted,
 photo kristen_caleb_rowdy_natural_birth_prodromal_bradley_photography35of87.jpg
for your proud,
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen130of42.jpg
and for all that you've memorized; for all only you know.
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen17of42.jpg
Thank you for confidence,
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen140of42.jpg
thank you for fluffy towels,
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen136of42.jpg
and thank you for being so brave.
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen131of42.jpg
Thank you for sharing your house with me,
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen118of42.jpg
...your humor with me,
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen125of42.jpg
...your body with me.
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen11of42.jpg
Thank you for helping me learn life basics,
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen13of42.jpg
keeping me safe,
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen127of42.jpg
and also clean (the best you can).
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen110of42.jpg
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen135of42.jpg
You are comfort. photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen126of42.jpg
You are the last of the day.
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen111of42.jpg
You are where I say good-bye.
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen12of42.jpg
You are a queen without a crown.
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen120of42.jpg
You are reinforcement, "You can do it!," and proof that: your joy is my joy.
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen141of42.jpg
You make me feel like I am the apple of your eye.
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen139of42.jpg
You are "I will never let you go"...
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen117of42.jpg
... and a shoulder to rest on.
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen138of42.jpg
All the "up-up!"s, "hold you?"s, "one more story?"...
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen128of42.jpg
... and attention to little and long ideas don't go forgotten.  Maybe unnoticed, but never forgotten.
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen123of42.jpg
You are beauty. (And a total weirdo)
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen121of42.jpg
You are strong.  (And you cry the best sadness.)
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen115of42.jpg
You are hope.  (Even when I'm not with you.) photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen114of42.jpg
Thank you for every wrinkle, ache, heartburn, cramp, nap, car ride, prenatal vitamin, hug, lunch, tear, vote of confidence, high-five, eye-contact, long night, laugh, iPhone picture, cheer from the stand, Christmas gift, stretch mark, sip of water after bedtime, coupon-cut, back rub, conversation and moment.
 photo mamas_and_cubs_im_kristen116of42.jpg
With as much heart as you've given me,
Your cub.

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  1. Humbled reading this. You are a gift, Kristen, to your family and friends and this here world and your mama. Our mamas are such gifts. Thank you for reminding me.

  2. This is beautiful Kristen. <3


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