The Gasca's | Maryland Family Portraits

"at the end of all my faith, 
till the end of all my days, 
when I forget my name, 
remind me."
andrew peterson
 photo ashley_ed_cruz_family_portraits2of23.jpgA little more waiting, a little more crying, a little more time.  There is a place for everything.  But who among us could hold out hope, could continue to believe, or even wish, unless we had tastes of the happiest things?  We live in this world of the charmed and the damned; a time for everything.  In other worlds, in other days, there won't be times for everything.  Only time for good things.  So we hope for Splendor, and live in the pig pen, and watch the sunrise and wish, believe, hope.  This small family has had their mourning times, their quiet times, their pained times.  But in the gold crackle of autumn, they found themselves in a dancing time, a laughing time, a living time.  New Baby Cruz - teeny and particular - , teasing and jokes, togetherness, tastes of days over the rainbow.  
 photo ashley_ed_cruz_family_portraits20of23.jpg  photo ashley_ed_cruz_family_portraits1of23.jpg  photo ashley_ed_cruz_family_portraits11of23.jpg  photo ashley_ed_cruz_family_portraits17of23.jpg  photo ashley_ed_cruz_family_portraits18of23.jpg  photo ashley_ed_cruz_family_portraits19of23.jpg  photo ashley_ed_cruz_family_portraits6of23.jpg  photo ashley_ed_cruz_family_portraits3of23.jpg  photo ashley_ed_cruz_family_portraits4of23.jpg  photo ashley_ed_cruz_family_portraits5of23.jpg  photo ashley_ed_cruz_family_portraits16of23.jpg  photo ashley_ed_cruz_family_portraits8of23.jpg  photo ashley_ed_cruz_family_portraits9of23.jpg photo ashley_ed_cruz_family_portraits22of23.jpg photo ashley_ed_cruz_family_portraits13of23.jpg  photo ashley_ed_cruz_family_portraits7of23.jpg photo ashley_ed_cruz_family_portraits23of23.jpg  photo ashley_ed_cruz_family_portraits15of23.jpg  photo ashley_ed_cruz_family_portraits12of23.jpg  photo ashley_ed_cruz_family_portraits14of23.jpg
These pictures, this family are promise to me.  "In the face of chaos, baby, I can dance with you.  We're dancing in the minefields, sailing through the storm.  He's promised not to leave us, His promises are true.  I can dance with you."  Thank you for allowing me sixty minutes into your sixty years.  I loved pressing pause in the backyard and making your first days as a family of three stand still, for just a moment.  
 photo im_kristen_photography_family_series1of1.jpg
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