Four Buddies | Child Playtime Portraits

"love is what carries you,
for it is always there, even in the dark,
or most in the dark!
but shining out like gold stitches in a piece of embroidery."
wendell berry
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Two Mays ago I babysat the three musketeers and grabbed a few pictures of them.   Since the original shoot I was married, we added a Rowdy and a TinyBaby Kless (due in a few months!), and we lost two grandparents and two siblings.  The documentation of "the passage of time" has become particularly important to me over the last 24 months.  Years feel more like school-quarters, months go by in days, days can be brief minutes... but in all that time crazy stuff happens.  Crazy stuff including growing, changing and developing.  My two best friends have been annually photographing ourselves at a local park (we're scheduling year nine!) and the pictures are important to me.  I love this new traditions with my friend's kids.

(If you haven't seen the previous shoot it's worth browsing through really quickly! It gives these pictures more punch -- even though a group of cute kids can totally stand on their own.)
 photo im_kristen_rowdy_friends15of46.jpg
The Ring-Leader // Audrey, of the Remsnyder Tribe, is the oldest.  She has had a quirky personality, clear communication skills and incredible weirdness since she was born.  She looks like her mama, and dresses like a lady... but she is a sassy, intellectual, creative bombshell.
 photo im_kristen_rowdy_friends42of46.jpg
The Big Boy // Behr is the first boy in the group, and has been the longstanding only boy in the group.  He is perfectly made with a set of sincere emotions and a vibrant imagination.  He is a sweet little dude, is curiouser than the cat, and says the funniest things.  You can't help but watch him as he pudges around, declaring announcements about all he does!  We love this young Kless.
 photo im_kristen_rowdy_friends44of46.jpg
The Terminator // Audrye's little sister Edy, also known as "Crunchy" (among other things), has the girliest-lightest-song-bird voice, with velvet brown eyes and charming curls.  And she's a beast.  She's by no means the left-out third in the group.  She holds her own and doesn't back down to a challenge.  Her beast-mode has been a defining quality of hers since birth, but it only becomes more special as her tender side comes out more and more.  In one foul swoop she can finish her (large) plate of lunch, hit Behr in the head, pat him and carefully cradle a baby doll.  Boom boom "aw."  That's Edy.
 photo im_kristen_rowdy_friends32of46.jpg
The Little Big Boy //  Rowdy Man loves his friends -- even if they don't get to play together as often as we want.  And he doesn't skip a beat.  He absolutely believes he is as old, capable and strong as they are.  He has been an early "mover" -- rolling at six weeks, crawling at five months, walking at nine months -- but his activity isn't just action.  He pays close attention to the people and environment around him.  He puts "two and two together" and picks up on things quickly.  He's a happy baby, but he's a serious one.  I love how he reminds me of his dad ;)
 photo im_kristen_rowdy_friends1of46.jpg
I hope these kids are at each other's graduations, getting drinking together after life-good-news, in and at each other's weddings, moving boxes into each other's houses, and hanging out together for many, many, many years.
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There are many ways to experience love -- all different, important, and valid -- but one of my personal favorites is the love of and the love between children.  Even this morning, on the four-month anniversary of my mama's passing, I was filled with laughter and refreshment as oversaw these knuckleheads play on bed.

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  1. Beautiful! Every bit of it. 💗

  2. Anonymous22.5.14

    I'm Audrey & Edy's grammy, (Seth's mom). Thank you for the beautiful pictures of my sweet granddaughters. And you described them to a "T"!! What a cute bunch of kiddos!! I enjoyed looking the these pics so much. You made my day! :)

  3. Love these pictures of these sweet kids. I loved, too, getting glimpses of them as they grow older. Thank you for sharing a little bit of these kiddos with us, Kristen!

  4. Kristen- you're killing me. You captured them perfectly.

  5. Kristen, I'm so sorry to hear about your mama. Hugs to you <3. And congratulations on your newest family addition soon. Your mom raised a beautiful girl with a beautiful soul. I'm sure she will always be with you. oxox

  6. This needed to happen. So glad it did. And comparing the two posts is by far the best part. Beautiful, simplistic, hub of life. You're s'good.

  7. i love how over it Roo is in some of those.
    I love those 4 littles

  8. These made me so so happy. Love these littles.


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