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i had the best day with you,
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We had a lovely time with the family for mama's birthday.  While Caleb and I were dating we visited the farm-to-table restaurant Grandale Farm.  We couldn't shut up about the views and the chicken-avocado-cilantro soup.  For years now my mom has wanted to visit and eat there too -- a 55th Birthday Lunch is the perfect excuse!  The last week or so has been especially hard for her.  She's almost finished with her ten days of brain radiation, but goodness, it's been exhausting and intense.  We were all hoping she'd have a bit of a break, but it really hasn't been :-/  (If you'd like to follow the blog I'm doing Mama Bear Updates on, go here.)  It was actually especially sweet to be together for her birthday in the middle of all the yuck.  The food was perfect (if you ever go, get the pig mac-and-cheese) and we went to an antique store that is closing down after 40 years (everything is 40% off!) to find mom some pretty blue + white dishes and treats for her new kitchen.  We laughed and really had fun and got along.  Doesn't get better than that :) (We missed you, Timmy!)

"Do not despise the day of small things." Zechariah 4:10
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  1. Love this so much <3 <3 I'm so glad you guys were able to go out for Mama Bear's bday.

  2. Your mom is simply beautiful.
    And man. I still need to go there--and make Caleb more cilantro burgers. ;-)

  3. Love mama bear! So glad u got to go explore and celebrate her!! :)

  4. So perfect. Truly a gift. Your mom is just the loveliest inside and out.

  5. Anonymous24.10.13

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