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i could be sweet
and i could be sweeter
i want to be where your heart is home
she & him - home
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You met Trey and Mallory behind the bar at Hoboken Coffee Roasters.  You met their dream - their wooden, mechanical, brown, window-ed, handmade dream.   You met a part of them that isn't just their career or their work, but their hearts on display on Division Avenue.  Hoboken is more than a part, but it isn't the whole.
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Today you'll at least get to meet more of the parts, that will help you know the whole far better.  The parts about an OSU cowgirl-student, paying the bills by working at a college town coffee house.  The parts about her meeting Gerald Woods, the Third (or "Trey," for three.  Get it?)  The parts about an engagement three months later.  And a wedding four months after the "Will you?" And the parts about their bike ride - on their bicycles, with pedals and wheels that runs on human muscle, determination and exhilaration - from Oklahoma to Oregon.  Yes.  The parts about their time in Eugene, working working working, playing playing playing, learning learning learning, dreaming dreaming dreaming.   They continued to pay the bills by being hired at, well, where else?  Coffee shops.  And they looked forward to big new parts.  Baby parts and a shop of their own parts and a house to make their home (at least for a good long while) parts.  
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On a personal note, before I wow you with more heartwarming Woods tales, I have to recite, once again, why I love shooting people in their real life.  I'm not the biggest fan of styled shoots (I understand their fun and place), I'm never going to be a commercial "America's Next Top Model esque" photographer (but I sure am glad someone does it, because I adore the spreads in Vogue and Vanity Fair), I have no desire to learn camera and photoshop tricks and magicals to create Popular Page worthy Flickr creations (though I adore it when those are well done - they're dreamy.)  Honestly, I could take or leave photography.  And "art."  Not in the world, oh no.  But in my own life - I don't "need to take pictures!"  What I do "need," however, is to create (bedrooms or meals or outfits or blog posts) and to know people.  I'm far less bubbly and outgoing than I was a few years ago.  I may be less social and, heck, even less friendly!  But my heart is "on" and I'm addicted to knowing and discovering the stories of people.  I love shooting a birth story or a wedding or a friend of mine at the pool.  I just, oh, feel alive!  Like life is tasty and happening and dazzling!
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And here, in a living room on Oak Street, in a town set aglow by the promise of "Munson and Sons" (or "Mummy Fords," depending on which old lady in town you speak with), is a wife and mamma and female who doesn't know how to pin something onto Pinterest.  And a husband and daddy and man who looks like American Storybook Jesus, according to my husband.  And a coffee-shop babe who takes her naps under a espresso machine, and who kind of looks like a munchable little coffee treat herself.  And this is where they wake up and come home and close their blinds and take their showers and park their jeep and rest.
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And it makes me feel alive.
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They moved into this home, less than two minutes from their store, last month.  They have hardy plans for it.  When we opened the blinds they fell off the window and Mallory tossed them into the kitchen.  Where the dish and clothes washer live.  And the plaster needs to be repaired in the walls, and the bathroom isn't "them" at all.  Just the night before this shoot Mallory went all "destroy the shower doors!" and hung up a curtain and rod in their place.  It's just on the cusp of all it will be, but it's undoubtably theirs and beautiful.
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In my various conversations with the Woods family over the past eight months, I've watched a trusty thread stitch their thoughts together.  "It just wasn't us, ya know?"  "That was just SO 'me'!" "It was us!" "It really wasn't 'me.'" They have some of the most developed, unstuffy, natural, pleasant, makes-you-feel-comfortable-not-judged-happy-not-like-a-failure sense of personal taste and desire I've ever come across.  They aren't trendy or trying to be cool - they just dress and decorate and drink and do what they love!  It's so simple and good. 
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Trey is the sort of person who you feel really proud-of-yourself when you've made him laugh.  He's easy to talk to, interesting and not-shy - but he also doesn't pity-laugh.  Mallory, on the other hand, is a feather of a speaker and, if she caught on that you were making a joke, would laugh no matter what - just to make sure you didn't feel bad.   But as a couple they make you feel like you're family.  It doesn't matter if you're at the shop or in their living room.   And their little offspring daughter is a holdable part of their love.  She is so easy to adore and want to be near.  She's (obviously) super used to being around people all day long.  She sucks her fists and is working on coordinating her back with her mind, and she looks at you like she's got you all figured out - and then usually smiles really big, which makes you confident that she assessed you well ;)
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These three must be a little window light of heaven.  Everyone - from my own family to the church ladies to the Town Member of The Year to the instagram-and-tweeters to myself - have only experienced memorable, rich and addicting love from this crew.  It's honest and not something that can be faked or manufactured or posed.  
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Trey, Mallory and young Autumn, er, Harmony (hahah just kidding. Harvest.) yes, you're beautiful.  "Inside and out," as they say.  Yes, you're inspiring.  But thank you, sincerely, for your hearts - especially towards people.  Thank you for not making people different than you (basically your whole town!) feel snubbed or looked down on.  Instead they feel a part of you.  Thank you for living out what you believe is best, but not talking about those things in a way that makes me-or-others feel like half-bakes.  You love differences and don't want everyone to be like you - you want them to be like them.  And you bring that out in people.  Thank you for talking about God like He's really your friend, and not like you're "good Christian folk who have to bring up prayer now."  It's obvious that your life in Him is so interweaved with your everyday life that they just simply can't be separated.  It doesn't feel hokey, ultra-spiritual or pushy.  It just feels right and helpful and delightful.  
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Thank you for the start of a friendship - I hope our babies will be buds for a long long time, and I hope you'll get to eat at our bagel shop someday, and I hope for many nights and meals and BBQ's and holiday parties and coffee-breaks and conversations and knowings with our families.

It's been so nice to meet you.


  1. so good. goodness, they are a stunning family. it's like you just want to sit down and meet them, talk to them, enjoy their company. your photos really convey that so well! :)

  2. This is my favorite shoot you've ever done and I've been following you for many years and I've never said it before. :) I love the brightness and light of the pictures, it conveys the warmth and happiness of this sweet family. That dad loves his baby girl. A lot. And you captured it. Perfectly. And in a location that seems so them. Yep, you're amazing.

  3. LOVE these kristen. the emotions in this shoot are so real and BEAUTIFUL.

  4. I am really really wowed by this. Oh goodness. I agree with all that was said in the above comments. These images are so real and happy and alive. I'm sure they'll treasure them.

  5. Wow. What a sweet, amazing, stunning shoot. Your words are so sweet, honest, and inspiring.
    Also, I spent some time on your blog today just going through old posts (just found you about a month ago and loved your style first-off), and was left speechless by your writing and pictures. Inspiring is too dull a word. =D
    Thank you for sharing some of your joy today!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Oh, Kristen. Good grief, I don't have any words. This is just beautiful and honest. Your words and your photos and your heart. I love that you are enjoying life. You can see it in your art. I love that you are creating photos that really matter. I love that you don't just do what's trendy or what's new or what you "should do" as a wedding or portrait or family photographer. You just shoot life and love as it is. And that is beeeeautiful.

    1. ps. I love that you included your bagel shop.
      that makes me smile.

  8. Anonymous27.3.13

    life is precious. love this. "You love differences and don't want everyone to be like you - you want them to be like them."

  9. This is one of the most beautiful and REAL shoots I have ever seen. I want to be their friends just from reading this. Amazing job. And I love that you care more about creating things and knowing people than photographing.

  10. You've done it again, Kristin. Nailed it, perfectly. They truly are WONDERFUL.

  11. these are fantastic -- the raw, natural, no-pretenses feel is what draws me to you and your photography. like Hannah said, you're not obsessed with doing what is "right" in this crazy business. and THAT is super admirable. can I just grow up to be you? k thanks. :)

  12. Anonymous27.3.13

    This is so awesome in so may ways - especially since I've known and loved Trey since he was born...and now have the chance to love his sweet Malory and Harvest! You captured them so perfectly. Thank you for sharing!
    Cindy D.

  13. besides the thrill of knowing more about this family (I'm obsessed with coffee-shop owners :P, since it's on the list of things-we-will-do-before-we-die), I like that you and other photographers (myself included) are 'coming into your own'... finding a sense of identity that doesn't look like anybody else, and you don't have to be apologetic about it. who we are is much more than photographers. i am thrilled every time i discover another facet of someone's personality and talents and identities. :)

  14. That baby is so precious! Love how you captured their personality and character. :)

  15. Oh my goodness gracious. These pictures, this family- both SO inspiring! I just love the way you do lifestyle shoots- so real and genuine and happy. I was just thinking how much cooler it is that you take authentic photos like these, than stiff, dry studio portraits. Just think how powerful it will be for little Harvest when she gets to see these pictures of her mommy and daddy beaming wide and laughing at her cuteness, really being able to see their love, than looking at a boring photo of her posed and propped up and unable to see her parents' joy.
    Way to go!


    p.s. I really liked what you said about her being "a wife and mamma and female who doesn't know how to pin something onto Pinterest". Boy, does that sound refreshing!

  16. This is so very sweet, and in these pictures, and your story for them, it shows such a lovely real story, it makes me very happy.

  17. Oh this is just beyond perfectness.


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