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Originally I had intended to show you friends one of my all-time favorite date nights.  I had recorded some video footage during the date and yesterday I set off to make those clips a brief and jolly moving memory.

Instead, however, I looked through nearly every video in my library.  I believe in the power of a still, silent photograph, but the movement and sounds in a video... wow.  It was very emotional!

So I changed my plans.  This video is one to coincide with part four of my story "Oh My My My." If you haven't read it yet, you should catch up while it's still relatively short and then come back and watch the video ;)

If you have read up to part four, you'll enjoy 180 seconds of the green kitchen, the blue-gray house, the last few days before "the good-byes" and the official departures of both families.  I had completely forgotten that I took videos of both their moves!  It is almost uncanny to watch now knowing what has happened since then.  God is great, life is good and people are crazy ;)


  1. oh, this is so beautiful, Kristen! and YES. God is so good and people are def crazy. Which makes life all the more fun. :)

  2. Wow, that is neat!

    I hope you do a series about your wedding, too. :) Even if it's 15 million weeks worth of posts, I'll still eagerly anticipate each one.

  3. Guuuuh stop making me teary!!

  4. oh Kristen. that made me cry!!
    you manage to capture the best moments...and my flattest hair ever. ;-)


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