Enjoy Pinterest | Summer Dresses

“dress shabbily and they remember the dress; 
dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” 
coco chanel
If you give a mouse a cookie, we all know what happens.  There is even a book about it.  But do you know what happens when a Kristen gets on that ol' laptop before she starts her day of work? It goes something like this: If you give a Kristen a laptop, she's going to check her "sites".  When she checks her sites, she'll certainly stop by Pinterest.  When on Pinterest she'll find a picture that inspires her (like one of pretty girls in dresses.)  The dresses will remind her that she has a dress just like one in the picture! She'll run upstairs to go look at it.  When she's upstairs she'll remember that her closet is like not nearly as organized as the local dump.  She'll want to clean her closet for a fresh spring chore.
During the spring clean-out she'll probably come across a vintage wedding dress.  She'll remember that the dress doesn't fit her quite right and she wanted to sell it.  
Then she'll decide it would be best to sell lots of her clothes, because she really doesn't use them all.  She'll create a Copius account on her laptop.  And chances are if she gets out her laptop... she's going to want to check her sites, too.
For this slightly modified edition of PinTuesday, I want to see what happy and good dresses you all have your eye on these days. Can you show me on the Enjoy Project board? I'd love to see. Maybe you can sell some things from your closest and get it! Now wouldn't that be a fun treat! 


Join the Enjoy Project!

1] I created a group board called "Enjoy Project"... follow it!
2] Every Thursday I will blog about a particular topic (today, for example, is summer dresses.)
3] Leave a comment with your Pinterest name and I will add you as a contributor to the group board.  Also leave a link to your favorite/rad find for the theme.  
4] Once you are added to the group, you can pin your find right to the page.  If you would like to contribute to the group, but do NOT want to be an official contributor, leave your Pinterest name and link and I'll post your find myself, with credit for the find to you.
5] We'll collect ideas together! Sitting all alone on your computer, scrolling through pages and pages, waiting for pins to fetch, is very isolated ;) This way we can interact together! And get to know one another.
6] Once a pin is in the group you can (obviously) re-pin to a different board if you'd like more organization for yourself.
7] Be kind, have fun and enjoy one another, please and thank yaaaa.
8] When pinning on this board, use the #enjoyproject hashtag! It will make it ever easier to find when we have more and more posts.
9] My goal is to have the board available to the current topic for one week.  So you have from Thursday-Wednesday to post dresses! Then Thursday-Wednesday to post _______. (I'm not giving away next weeks topic just yet ;) haha).
10] Enjoy yourself. And the ideas. And the other people. 

Alright! You ready? Go pin!


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