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"i spent the best two weeks of my life, thus far,
with you.
but i had to go back home."
karen abad
Today I bring you not a collage with many photos, or a post with much to say.  I bring you one photograph from my past week.  It's one of my favorite pictures of he and I ever.  It sums "us" up so well.  My hair straightened (that's his favorite), he in a Patriots jersey (our new favorite team to cheer for thanks to the Shorey family of EGM), my new pink water bottle from Dre and Becca that I take with me EVERYwhere, little Jaxter trying to decide if he likes me (this little guy is the first baby among "my age" friends), snuggling on the couch, laptop in the background to sneak in a few minutes of work, that mistermister of mine falling asleep.  I love it.

You should follow Elizabeth on instagram (she took this photo and is the handsome baby's momma!)
- She has a way of making plain little things so memorable and lovely.
- She has been married for just over a year and also just became a mommy! It's fun to look into her fun, happy, new world.
- She is very loved by me. So, spread the love!

When you have a spare four minutes, enjoy this sweet, quirky, and loveable couple.  It's hard not to watch this and feel lighter and cheerful.  Happiness is contagious. 


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