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"He's coming for the PAR-ty?!?"

Tell me you've seen this? Please please please watch this. Even if you've already seen it. It'll make you smile, and smiling is just delightful.

I've always been a bit of a Kristen Bell fan (her name is perfectly spelled).  She is kind of my ideal blonde-haired, spunky, sweet, well-spoken, All-American girl.  I liiiiiiiike to think I'm kind of like her. (Don't worry... I know I'm not.  But it's just like how you know you don't look your doppleganger, but it still feels good that the computer thought you looked most like Angelina Jolie.)

Enjoy this awesome girl and her weird animal fetish and fantastic emotions.


  1. I did see this! It made me laugh and smile for the entire afternoon, very funny. I like her personality too. I also love that she's short (and super sweet!) as opposed to the overrated tall long legged movie star stereotype. short people represent. :)

  2. I watched it twice. Then re-winded to my favorite parts. That is SOOOOOOO funny!!!!!!!!!

  3. that is THE best!!

  4. Kristen Bell is adorable. Omg, the clip within the clip of her crying over the sloth was hilarious.

  5. I've honestly watched it 4 more times since my last comment. :D


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