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This is your FAIR WARNING.  Don't say I didn't "told you so!"  I am telling you so.  If you decide to take that giant leap and follow me on Instagram, there are a few cautions I must alert you to, some common "annoyances," if you will.

FAIR WARNING NUMBER ONE) I post about my relationship... a lot.  I post about carrying-on a bouquet of dried roses on an airplane, about missing him, pictures of him where I think he looks hoit hoit!, our texts, and our dates.  Okay?  If that is barf-ilicious, "so done" or annoying to you: you've been waaaaarned.  Also, we like cheesy/movie lines. We think they're great. We sometimes instagram them. It is what it is. Love us or leave us ooooor tolerate us.  
FAIR WARNING NUMBER TWO) I post about food... a lot.  Eating is my second favorite part of life.  The jury is still out on what #1 is, but #2 is definitely food.  And sometimes since #1 is undecided, food takes it's place for a bit.  I eat a lot of food, I eat really good food, I make food, I buy food, I think about food, I thoroughly enjoy food, and I instagram food.  Get. Over. It.  
FAIR WARNING NUMBER THREE) I post about babies and children... a lot.  If you aren't really a "kid person" or if you have no small children in your life, I understand why these might seem like redundant posts.  "How many times can you post that kid sleeping? Gracious."  Here's the deal:  Every instagrammed picture of a child represents at least nine other non-instagrammed moments.  And the moments are awesome.  And their faces, smells, discoveries and reality is just more then I can handle sometimes.  I love children.  (Especially Baby Behr, McKenna, Noah and Emma, Audrey, Addie, Makenna, Hailey and Selah, Emily and The Jaxter.)  I love children, believe children can change your life, believe they are important in their existence, brilliant in their naivete and wonderful in their lack of "productive-ness", and I instagram children.
FAIR WARNING NUMBER FOUR) Alright, this one is slightly different.  Instagram photos of landscapes seem to be more acceptable then the previous three.  But I'm not going to water this down: I am the girl who sees a sunset and whips out her phone for a great Instagram snap.  I'm one of the throbs of "Ah! Pink sky tonight! AWESOME!" in your feed after a grand sunset.  My b, myyyyyyy b (so people still say that?).  I just think they're really cool.  And I love the places I get to go and see... even if it's just a little ol' ride home from basketball practice turned watercolor melting sky explosion!

- I do not instagram screen-caps of a quote I have in my iPhone notepad! Never have, never will.
- I do not instragram photographs of myself with a toilet in the background!
- I do not insagram myself in a bathroom. Ever.
- I do not instagram EVERY meal I eat. 

The End. Still want to follow me?


  1. ♥ your 'I do not insagram myself in a bathroom. Ever.' comment! i'm followin ya! :)

  2. I don't have instagram...but I still look at yours. :D btw, I REALLY like that picture of you and Audrey!!! And yeah, bathroom pictures are dumb. So dumb.

  3. I love the Instagram Children :)

  4. I am kind of in love with your website! For real. The Something in the Water music is especially perfect and your personality shines through every part of your site. Your instagrams are also super cute :)

  5. Looks like fun! But don't ever instagram the word "fart" again. Much love, from your mother!


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