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"a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous."

coco chanel

I have a little confession to make about pearls, the renown "classy" jewel.  I think it's a little matronly or a little cheap. Ah! I said it.  While I do love pearls, it seems like I often see a cheap ad with a girl in an awful dress with BRIGHT white "pearls" (probably bought from a local Claire's or something) or I see Grandma in the grocery story with a lovely string of pearls and it's precious... but... not... exactly... modern? That's the point I'm trying to make: pearls are classy, pearls are lovely, but I don't find them modern.

So for PinThursday and in effort to give this jewel a chance, I did some searching for pretty, modern uses for the pearl!  Every girl needs a good pair of pearl earrings (I have some!) but I love this glam-edition of the pearl earring.  Gorgeous.
from j. crew
Now HERE is a perfect example of a pearl being used in a modern setting.  Well done, J. Crew, well done as always.
from j. crew
I can't find where these shoes are originally from (help?) but I would also consider these highly fashion-forward, feminine and modern. Love them.
from capsitios

I'm not impressed with the chain and ribbon on this coin purse, but I love the different sized pearls!  I would not only use this, but I would brag about it if it were mine ;)
I'm curious how this would lay on a normal girl (aka: not a model or mannequin!) but I think it's wonderfully creative and fun.  I'd love to find some coral pumps and extra black eye-liner to wear with this!
from rachel gilbert

Black pearls, I'm convinced, are never ever matronly OR cheesy!  It's on my dream list to own one of these bad boys someday:
from zales
For the record: I DO find real pearl necklaces stunning.  I do.  I just think I've seen it done wrong too many times that it makes me leery ;) It's like saying "I don't like strapless dresses." Well, I like some strapless dresses! On the right body! With the right fit! But man, a bad strapless dress? It's baaaad. I hope that makes sense!  Show me some of YOUR pearl-loves on the EnjoyProject board! Do it to it!

1] I created a group board called "Enjoy Project"... follow it!

2] Every Thursday I will blog about a particular topic (today, for example, is pencils.)

3] Leave a comment with your Pinterest name and I will add you as a contributor to the group board.  Also leave a link to your favorite/rad find for the theme.  (So leave a link to some awesome pencils - colored pencils, mechanical pencils, etsy pencils, skies the limit!)

4] Once you are added to the group, you can pin your find right to the page.  If you would like to contribute to the group, but do NOT want to be an official contributor, leave your Pinterest name and link and I'll post your find myself, with credit for the find to you.

5] We'll collect ideas together! Sitting all alone on your computer, scrolling through pages and pages, waiting for pins to fetch, is very isolated ;) This way we can interact together! And get to know one another.

6] Once a pin is in the group you can (obviously) re-pin to a different board if you'd like more organization for yourself.

7] Be kind, have fun and enjoy one another, please and thank yaaaa.
8] When pinning on this board, use the #enjoyproject hashtag! It will make it ever easier to find when we have more and more posts.
9] My goal is to have the board available to the current topic for one week.  So you have from Thursday-Wednesday to post pencils! Then Thursday-Wednesday to post _______. (I'm not giving away next weeks topic just yet ;) haha).
10] Enjoy yourself. And the ideas. And the other people. 

Alright! You ready? Go pin!


  1. I agree with your opinion on pearls and the ones you've found so far are lovely! My pinterest name is audreygal23 I'd love to join in :)

  2. Hey Kristen! I am in love with Pinterest, I think! I have never been a huge fan of pearls, but those pearl shoes? To die for!

    P.S. Just wanted to let you know that I really look up to you as a photographer and admire your photography so much!


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