Alt Summit in Salt Lake City {Travel}

“it's kind of fun to do the impossible.”

walt disney

Alright alright alright.  See if you track with me on this one:

 Narnia, in the winter.  Trees and snow and castles in the distance?  Great.  Remember that.

Now go ahead and enjoy the Sultan's palace from Aladdin.  Lavish and layered and courtyard-y, snuggled richly into a valley by mountains.


Okay, so, now, put them together.  Narnia. Sultan's Palace. Narnia.  Sultan's Palace. Narnia Palace.  Chronicles of Sultan.  Palace of Nartan.  Narnia and Sultan.  GRAND AMERICA HOTEL IN SALT LAKE CITY.


Hey? Heeeey? Yeah, hey.  Do you see what I see?  A child, a child... er- a town, a town high above the sea, with a view as "whoa" as could be?  Heeeeey:


It even works at night.  Let's do this thang again.  Glowy, sparkly lights, tiny town:

Moody mountainous moonlit night?



I've been channeling my inner Disney Princess by sighing to myself and saying "Ooooh Rajah!" as I gaze out my hotel room window, longing to experience the real world - beyond these walls!!!   But next thing I know I'm worried sick for my four-legged friends, hoping they don't turn into statues.  It's extremely emotional being a guest at this hotel, let me warn you.


Obviously I'm kidding.  I'm really quite spoiled with the unreal quality of this town and establishment (great choice Alt Summit folks!), the stirring and sweet classes (good work Alt Summit folks!), the head-turning fashion of EVERYONE (nicely done Alt Summit attendees!) and the quality time with my Canadian bestie, Jamie Delaine (Also known as "Jamz" between 6:00am-7:30pm, or "Gramz" from 7:31 pm and on.  She jams hard, then turns into a one-woman-old-folks-home.)

Once I'm home and my conference brain has turned back to normal brain,  I'll tell you something actually helpful/interesting about this conference.  I probably won't even use a Disney reference.  Except that tomorrow I get to meet Anya from Project Runway (like how I said that so nonchalantly? Like I don't really care at all? It was smooth like the first shave of your life.) (Also, I care a lot that I'm meeting her.  I'm not even going to pretend like I just want her to have a normal life with normal friends, like I'm not some crazy fan-girl who just wants to touch her maxi dress.  I AM A CRAZY FAN GIRL.) Anyways,  it'll basically be like having a real-life Jasmine in a Disney Palace.  It was cool when I was five and in Anaheim, and it's still cool now!

Alright.  Good night.  It's been a long day and I am kind of feeling like I didn't give Narnia much facetime in this post, so why don't you read these last few words in a British accent and I'll feel better.  Cheer up, darling!  And go to sleep you blessed, blessed doll.  (And go to Alt Summit next year everyone.  You will truly love it.)


  1. I definitely see your Disney/C.S. Lewis comparison. I'm not kidding. :)

    Loved loved the post!! It was so funny. :D

  2. I definitely should have gone with you! What were we thinking, or not thinking?

  3. learn to decorate that loft in white!!! hahahah!!!!


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