Sarah Barlow {Personal}

"We expected something, 
Something better than before."
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PhotobucketSarah introduced me to Regina Spektor and Timbaland.
Sarah introduced me to eyebrow waxing.
Sarah intoduced me to sushi and Chipotle.
Sarah introduced me to David Jay.
Sarah introduced me to batch-editing, external lighting and sun flare.
Sarah introduced me to brand concept.
Sarah introduced me to completely loving on a stranger,
who was of no benefit to oneself.

Years ago (back when I was SEVENTEEN... weren't we cute?)
Sarah took me under her wing for a 6-week internship.
She poured herself into my time with her:
challenging my walk with the Lord, 
welcoming me into her world, 
teaching me about photography
and creating memories I'll never forget.

And she did it for free.
Actually, that's a lie.
She lost money on this little internship idea I had.
She not only let me stay in her room, tag along to all her events,
build my portfolio at her shoots,
but she also paid for every meal, all the gas, all the parking,
not to mention the Anthropologie apron she bought me,
and programs she gave me, and website she designed with me.

At one point as we waited in line at Panda Express for our orange chicken, 
I BEGGED her to let me pay.
"Nope! Nope nope nope.
Someone did this for me when I was starting out,
so the only thing I ask is that you do this for someone else when you can."

I never forgot that.
Her generosity, self-less-ness and complete joy in giving herself to me,
really changed something in my life.
I want to impact people the way Sarah impacted me.
Because Sarah gives of herself,
which represents our God,
who fully, generously, selflessly, joyfully gave Himself for me.
Sarah is in town for a few days, and we're gonna hit the sights + sounds of MD tonight,
but I couldn't pass the chance to brag about her, highlight her and thank her.

Love you, you funny, ridiculous, booty-licious, gangsta, Dance Queen, you ;)


  1. Someday, I *WILL* meet her. :)

  2. Anonymous14.4.11

    I love this story - what a great message. I will remember your story the next time an opportunity to help/mentor someone arises.

  3. How wonderful to meet such a wonderful person. The Lord walks and guides us and I'm so thankful to have met the both of you last night. Coincidence? maybe. Have a wonderful time.

  4. That's such a sweet story; Sarah sounds like she's really nice. I suppose it's more likely that I'll meet her cousins than her, though (not that that wouldn't be good as well - especially if it's Lauren :) -, but they aren't photographers).

    Kristen, you said you have the 50 1.2? Very nice; I hope to be able to get some L lenses like that someday. :)

  5. That is so awesome Kristen! :)

  6. I love Sarah Barlow! I want to be more like her!


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