Month Update

Sweet Betty, 
Won't you show us who you are?
brooke fraser | betty

Ahem. A few thoughts:
- Sarah Barlow really is the bees knees. AND the bees ankles.
- Might have made up the part about Africa.  But I can't remember...
- Trying to decide if I should do another FunShop?
Guess we'll see how this one goes... ;)
- Today I look like I have been sobbing for hours.
But I haven't been! I'm happy! But allergies are here.  And I love them. 
Because it means summer is almost here.
- I'm going to Ireland? Wait, what?
- What are you doing this moooonth?!



  1. Bahahaha! That's a great video. :D

    Iiiii'm going to your house, then I'm going to Columbus in 1.5 weeks for a writing competition, I have 10 photoshoots over the next 2 months, and and I'm going to finish up schoolwork!!

    ...your plans sound more fun. :D

  2. Getting ready to go to Italy, Budapest, and Switzerland in May. :) My camera will be glued to me at all times.

  3. I loved your video - you are way too cute for words! Your month sounds crazy busy and crazy amazing...even though I've been to Europe multiple times, I've never been to Ireland or Scotland, though I do want to go to both sometime.
    This month? I'm going to be finishing up school (not counting this week, only five weeks left, baby! ;)). And counting down the days until summer, which is when my adventures will begin ;)

  4. haha you're cute. what I'm doing this month:

    a few portrait shoots
    2-day reenactment
    lots of friends
    lots of family
    lots of food :)

  5. You're so cute and cool :D. Welllll, this weekend I'm going to San Antonio, TX for a Bible conference (can't WAIT to see my hispanic friends I haven't seen in a year! Haha, love them so much :D ) and next week I'm going to a Bible camp in Denton, TX (VERY excited! There's gonna be a ton of new people to meet :D ). Fun stuff :D.

  6. hahaha. you're adorbs! F'real. ;)

    Schooooool. I'm done in a month, so that's pretty legit! Hmm. Taking a roadtrip to see my best friend who is away at college, and Easter with my family. Nothing to major, though, other than those things.

  7. It sounds like you'll be busy (having fun). :) Someday I hope to be able to travel somewhat (like in Europe; esp. in the UK) and get lots of photos.

    I've seen some of Sarah Barlow's work, and I think she's quite skilled at photography. :) I can't attest to that since I've never met her (I haven't met her famous cousins either), but I have a feeling she's pretty nice.

    I'm hoping I'll be able to get a a photography business started (even if it's only a side job) after I move near Memphis in a couple of months and get some more experience (a better camera and lenses would be nice, but clearly not necessary).

    I may have missed it somewhere, but if you don't mind telling, what camera gear do you use?

  8. I just stumbled upon your blog via carlotta's daily reads list. It's lovely. you are a wonderful photographer and your words are cute and funny:)
    consider me your newest follower! i hope you'll come by my end of the internet.


  9. ps. how do I follow ya? can't find the google friend follower

  10. Sounds like fun! Hope your month is awesome!

    Teaching, teaching, teaching! Doing a photoshoot with Ica on Friday as a birthday gift to myself. Going to Rehoboth Beach for Spring Break, and then getting ready to teach dance at Adventure Theatre for the summer.

  11. Nice nice! Y'all have super fun months! I support that :D

    And Max: I have a Canon 5D + 50 1.2 aaaand that's pretty much it ;)

  12. you = so cute!

    i'm gonna be in school for the next month, bleh. oh well, only one more year!

  13. Do another Funshop please! I had such a blast being a subject of your photoshoot and when you posted the pics on your blog, I realized what a blast you had too. I want to join in!

  14. I love the video!Supper Supper fun :) I am finishing up my semester in school. I am studying in Salzburg Austria and in two weeks my Mom is coming! I am SO excited!! We are going Ireland the end of April and the beginning of May. :)Then we will be going home together. This makes me really ReAllY happy :D

  15. you're the cutest. I'll tell you what I'm doing this month when you come over. =)


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