Disney + Deschanel {Personal Inspiration}

Woke up today
It was another lovely day
To watch the sun
Rise and fall again
zooey deschanel | cotton song
This past week I went back down to Florida to visit mi familia.
As always, we had to spend some time at Disney.
Disney, for my family, isn't just a theme park or a vacation pit-stop.
"It's a whole neeeew WORLD!"
My grandparents took my mom as a baby and it's pretty much in our blood to love this place.
The creativity, the details, the joy, the enthusiasm.
Walt was a dreamer, a family man, devoted to excellence and creative as heck.
His parks show it.

It's been a long time since I've gone to the Hollywood Studios park,
but this trip just had my jaw-dropping right and left.
I freaking love EVERYthing about it.
I was so inspired I could have just sang.
But there was a Disney Cast Member singing and whistling next to me,
so I had to take a picture.
Another major source of inspiration for me is the lovely Zooey Deschanel.
(who I first learned about in this movie. An all-time fave.)
Her fashion is to die for.
I love how she is so feminine, colorful, creative and original with her clothes.
And brave.
And classy.
And I love her hair.
I put all my new Disney-inspiration cell-phone pictures in a folder
and found that a lot of them "matched" my Zooey pictures.
Funny ;)
Love every single pattern and texture in this set:
Love the "GIFTS" font, the white lines in the grey building 
and the black lines on top of the white building.
And everything about Zooey.
I'm SO stealing this in my house someday.
Maybe a backsplash?
Or bathroom floor?
I love the three different blues all mismatched.
With a pop of yellow?
Maybe some daffodils on the counter?
Or a lemon-colored bathroom mat?
The skirt.
The salmon color.
The font.
The slight touch of Tiffany blue
(her shoes + the cross on the lamp.)
Such a fan of salmon pink and teal blue! GAH.
I'm a sucker for some good, bright colors.
Another font I heart.
Can I get an "amen" for the metallic gold?
And the red lips?
I just want to go decorate something!
Or design something!
My juices are flowing like a creek post April showers.

Anything particularly and consistently inspire you?


  1. Wow, I totally thought these pictures came paired together until I read closer! Love her style!

  2. Mmmm ya ya. Love that video clip you showed us. That's been pretty inspiring. I just want (er, need to make) time to *think* up something fabulous.

  3. Your apartment shows your love for Disney...you look like you live in the Contemporary suite. :)

    Inspired this spring by:

    A) Anthropologie anyone?

    B) "Fireflies and Songs" ~Sara Groves

    C)WS's Watermelon Aqua Fresca

    I love reading your blog...thought it was time 3 years later to stop being such a blog stalker. :]

  4. Loved this post :) And loved seeing you tonight! I am always inspired by anthropologie's catalogs and their stores. So creative, colorful and fun! I am a huge fan of magazines and love cutting out random pictures that are either stand out because of their color or the product or the emotion... i think you know what i mean :) I LOVE looking at my pictures from places I've traveled or want to travel because it gets my creative juices flowing too! I too love certain actresses and their clothes and styles. I love Audrey, Amy Adams, Meg Ryan, and Chloe too! I love your "my juices are flowing like a creek post April showers". Made me laugh.

  5. Mmmm... loooove your style, girl!! =)

  6. nature inspires me more and more everyday! God always knows what colors go together :)

  7. I LURVE Zooey!!!!! Her sister, Emily rocks my world, too.

    I loved all over Z in "Yes Man" .... if you haven't seen it, you should. :) And of course "Failure to Launch" ... that made me fall in love w/ her. :)


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