Teaser {Engagement}

She turned her "cant's" into "can's"
And her dreams into plans
kobi yomata

I've been dreaming about this shoot since I was 17.
American City Diner, on Connecticut  Avenue,
right in the nations capital.
I had it all planned in my head.
And I've been saving this location for just the right couple.

Mr. Michael + Ms. Nas came along.
They got engaged,
under the Eiffel Tower,
past midnight,
after getting lost in Paris.
(Say "Paris" like this:
It's more fun that way.)

And they wanted a 50's-themed engagement shoot,
for their 50's rockabilly themed wedding.

And my dreams came true!

Full shoot coming.



  1. so excited for this one. love the teaser. too cute. :)

  2. oh my word, the cuteness!
    paris, too? i'm totally anticipating the full shoot:)

  3. Deffffff diggin' this K, :)


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