Real Love {Marriage}

"i am here to stay,
little house | amanda seyfried

I have to be honest with y'all for a second.
Just a second.
Then I'll go back to lying.
Just kidding ;)
But I do have to say:
I realize when I blog engagements + weddings + couples
I tend to write and post with a distinct sweet/happy/yay!/butterflies feel.

Which I DO think is a big part of being in love,
and I will always capture couples in a "happy" way.

But I know that this is not how love + marriage always is.
I came across these lyrics the other day and loved them:
A "new" part of my business I want to focus on is already married couples.
(Here is the section on my website for that.)

One of the most important and wonderful parts of marriage,
in my inexperienced and young opinion,
is the faithfulness even when it's not
"yay! snuggles!" and lovey-dovey cutesy newly in love-ish.

The shoots I've posted in what I'm called the Married Gallery,
show couples who have walked through some hard times.

Money issues.
Job difficulty.
Health problems. 
"Surprise" pregnancies.
Death of children.
Deployment overseas.
Moving away from family.

Real life isn't a walk in the park with a blonde photographer.
But those heart-wrenching, teary, painful parts of a marriage
is where TRUE love shines the brightest.

Love is a choice,
not a feeling.

It's easy to choose to love when life is easy,
but I have serious respect for the married among us
who have walked through pain and sang
"I am here to stay."


  1. I don't personally know you, but you sound wise beyond your years. And when you are finally married one day, you won't take that love for granted. As for me, I definitely had the "yay, cuddles" beginning and have been with my husband for 10 years. We have lately experienced some tough times, but he is the one I count on the most and our marriage is the strongest it's ever been. And sometimes, after the kid is in bed, we still have "yay cuddles" time. Marriage is the best. Especially when you marry your best friend.

  2. As a married girl with 3 kiddos, do you know that this resonates beautifully? We had our photos done as a gift from Justin and Mary Marantz last fall, and I will treasure them always. (here: Someday I'd love to have you shoot our family...

  3. @Stacie that really so beautiful! I'm excited to someday see what all this "marriage fuss" ;) is about. Especially if I get to marry my best friend!

    @Betsy Jo YES! I'd love to shoot y'all. Your family is oh so lovely :)

  4. Very nice, Kristen; that's probably an area many photographers (not to mention people in general) tend to overlook when thinking about married life.

  5. Loved that quote b/c its oh so true....And I def want to do a shoot either this spring or fall w/ u.... not sure when, but hopefully we can make it happen some time this year! :)


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