My Weekend {Personal}

"twinkle twinkle little..."
"a lion? lion's don't twinkle!"
selah and i discuss lyrics
This weekend I fake played guitar.
And Selah sang about twinkling lions,
and gave me a Sher Khan (tiger) sticker.
And I went to check out this Pier One table in person,
which led to spotting a wine-tasting,
so I went (alone. funniest thing of my life.)
so then I walked around a little more,
(in case those three sips of wine stunted my driving skills),
and I ended up back at the mall with good friends,
and leaving the mall with these white Gap jeans,
bought with a $25 off coupon.

(if you give a mouse a cookie...)
Beat that.
(You have a good weekend, too?)


  1. why, YES! Yes, I did have a good weekend!! it involved lots of yummy food (fb album coming later today :P) and being in LOOOOOOOOOVE. :D :D :D

    That's right.
    With a very lovely man.
    And I will tell you the story sometime ;) <3

  2. PS - I forgot to say... you look cute in those jeans!!! :)

  3. What?! NAOMI! You need to tell me asap! :D Ah!

  4. lol yeeeeeees!! he's from (kinda) your area! (works in Bethesda, MD).. maybe you & me should do coffee sometimes sooon when I'm enroute to see the Man-I-LOVE.

    I. will. text. you! :D

  5. Looks like fun!'re so cute!

  6. I probably won't top anyone's weekend but I also faked played the guitar. I knew I was gonna sound horrible but I din't how horrible until I noticed that the strings were on backwards


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