Contest Wrap-Up

"Getting to knoOOow you,
Getting to know all about youUuu.
Getting to like you,
Getting to hope you like meeEee."
the king and i 



I've loved this contest.
Because I got to know you all so so much better.
Thanks for making my day all the time -

And you all became such closer "friends"!
(is that lame to say about blog comments?
I hope not.)

I'm launching my website tomorrow.
And announcing the winner for this contest on Thursday.

Votes will continue until 11:59 PST Wednesday night!

For new-comers:

If you missed the contest rules, check them out right here.

 If you missed why this contest is happening, head over here!
But until then, I just had to post some of my favorite comments.
Read through them!  
And maybe you are in here!

Sarah Elaine - I googled your "fave character" because I hadn't heard of him.
And cried.
 i think my favorite is john chivery from little dorrit. 
he's seriously the sweetest, kindest, and cutest love-struck boy ever. 
and on top of that, 
he has a british accent and funny ears.
 i just love him as a character. :D

Stacie Coella liiiiiterally made me laugh-out-loud.  So so hysterical, what a mis-hap indeed:
"... the day that my mom only had enough time to french braid one side of my head. The other half was left to blow freely in the wind as I ran out to not miss the bus to school. Needless to say I was embarrassed all day. What's more embarrassing than that? 
Well, since you ask...
the fact that I could have taken the braided side out and all would have been right with the world. 
But I didn't. 
Because I'm smart like that."

blank.gifKaylee introduced me to someone BRAND new.  
And I was intrigued that Joanna Newsom was "hard to get":
The Milk-Eyed Mender by Joanna Newsom.
She has an extremely unique voice, 
not something you'd find on your normal amazon or google search. 
It took work to find her, but it is worth it!

Rebecca, um, yes.  I'd never heard of Rex Ray. But he's a new fave:
My favorite artist is Rex Ray. 
I buy a different calendar each year and stumbled upon his last year.
 I had never heard of him but thought his pictures were fabulous--colorful and happy!

Shannon Morse - WHAT?! YOU DIDN'T LIKE FRENCH FRIES? So glad you finally came around:
French fries.
 I never used to finish them... 
now I'm always reaching into the bottom of the bag trying to find one more!

Rebekah. I love you.  Adopt me:
I have this hat. 
It's called a cap-sac. 
It's a fanny pack for your head and I love it and I wear it at any opportunity I can.
 My first present to my boyfriend was a cap-sac 
and we're DEFINITELY going to incorporate them into our wedding somehow :)

Lydia Covey! You've inspired me!  Def my favorite cleaning tip:
I just love cleaning with anything lavender scented. 
So fresh and feminine smelling! 
Fabulosa is one of the best!

Jacqueline made me laugh about magazines:
Does National Geographic make me sound like a huge nerd? I don't subscribe to anything, but I especially love looking at the photos in old NatGeo magazines... Whatever, I embrace my nerdiness.

Veronica - maybe we can visit there together? I've never heard of that place. But I googled it. And now I must go:
No cars.
No streetlights.
Beautiful stars.
Heavenly. :)

Betsy Jo, this made me tear up. Wow. So precious:
This is gonna' be long. I'm just warning you. :) My great grandma McBrierty was one of my favorite people. When I was 17, our family traveled to Ireland and visited the old, now abandoned school she attended when she was a young girl. On the wall were rows and rows of rusty hooks, all with numbers for children to hang their coats and hats. My father absconded with one of those hooks- and it hangs in their home today. And knowing how much I loved her, I think they'll give it to me someday. ??? So I guess it's not my old thing, it's theirs. But I still love it and like to imagine her little coat there on that hook, from her days in Glennamaddy, Ireland. How's that for sappy and sentimental? :)


  1. Aww, thanks, Kristen. :) Now I feel a little famous or something. What I didn't say in that comment is my favorite thing of all: I always knew if I ever had a daughter, I would name her Nora, after my great-grandmother. Know what? I have my Nora now. And I love her to bits.
    Thanks for making me smile! LOVE your photography. You're absolutely one of my favorite photographers-- yes, I mean that- you rank right up there, even with all the 'big names'. K? K.

  2. Thanks for sharing some of your favorites!! Oh, and something fun. Lydia Covey is a friend of mine :D. She lives about 30 minutes from me. P.S. I can totally imagine you singing that King and I song even though I've never met you in person; I can even imagine how you'd sing it: perhaps like a little kid with a hint of goofiness ;D

  3. Thanks girl - this was so fun for me! :) yes, indeed, you created a fantabulous contest.
    On a side note, I just saw The King and I this past Thursday with my swing-dancing friend and his family... Not only did we love it, but imagine my surprise when I opened your blog and there it was, singing at me! :) like I said, random side note.

  4. So fun! I loved those comments -- nice to meet new people! We're "meeting" them in a sense, I suppose, right? hee hee...Well...don't tell me. Some of my bloggy friends are some of the best friends I have...even if I haven't met them really. ;)

  5. Yay! I'm so flattered that I made it into your comments, and that one of my other favorite artists (Kristen!)digs my taste. :) Rex Ray is the coolest. When I buy my first house, I want a huge print of his for my wall. Makes me happy! (For now I stole part of my calendar for my kitchen wall!)

  6. I'm with Betsy Jo... this kinda makes me feel famous in a funny way :). Thanks Kristen, have fun sniffing the air while you clean with lavender!
    I have had such fun with this contest, even if I dont win it has made me happy to read your fun posts and then decide what to comment. If I have not said it before.... I love your blog, you, and your amazing photography :D

  7. Wow! I felt super special! And for that I have a few things to say:

    2. I am coming to DC THIS Sunday I'll be there until Wednesday sister lives in DC and I'm visiting her for my spring break. I know it's last minute but if we EVER have a chance to meet...I'd love it :)(we could do it some other time...when there's better notice)

  8. This contest was FUN and actually made me *think* about somethings I want to do/have done! Thanks. :)

  9. oh, I'm so honored to have made the favorites list :) doesn't that look like a loooooovely place!!!! my boyfriend told me about it and we made a pact to go there someday. thanks for a fun contest and your new website looks AWESOME! :)


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