Contest Winner!

"Is that seat taken?
Would you like to take a walk with me?"
blue october | congratulations


The website is up.
The contest is over.
The gift-basket is ready.

We need a winner, yo.

After 949 entries,
I randomly generated a winner for each post
(to make sure I didn't include double-commenters or people not entering the contest).
That left me with the top 10
(one from each post.)

Randomly generated 1-10.

And with that, there was a winner

Watch the video to see if it's YOU.

And by the way, I want you all to know how much this has made my last few weeks.
I've LOVED getting to know you all better!
You are such a fun, creative, insightful and FUNNY group of "friends."
Don't be strangers, cause then I'll be lonely.

You are dearer to my heart!


  1. ummm my name is stephanie! How do i know if its me or another stephanie???

  2. This was such a fun contest! Congrats to Stephanie! :)

  3. It's the Stephanie from "this world around you" blog?

    Is that you!

  4. oh darn thats not me

  5. Glad you enjoyed it Hope!

    And, well, don't worry! I still like you, Other Stephanie :D

  6. Anonymous3.3.11

    OH MY GOSH! that's ME!!! I never win ANYTHING! I literally just did a little dance! Thanks Kristen!! What do I do now? haha -stephanie

  7. Email me your home address! And take a victory lap!

    kristen at kristen leigh dot net



  8. Congrats Stephanie! I don't know you but I'm glad you've won this after "never winning anything". :D Yay!

    Thanks again Kristen!

  9. Yay! Congratulations, Stephanie! Kristen, this was just plain FUN.

    Thanks for making me smile every time 'you' showed up in Google Reader. :)

  10. This contest was so fun! Thanks, Kristen, for asking fun questions and being awesome.

    Stephanie, I am so glad you won, because now I have discovered YOUR blog! Looking forward to following it henceforward. :-)

  11. Dang let me say that was a tease! I was's spelling my name!!

    Congrats other Stephanie :)

  12. booooo
    just kidding.


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