Keara {Children Photography}

"This is the story of a girl..
I absolutely love her,
When she smiles"
nine days
This is a story of a girl.
A little girl named Keara, who just this past week met Belle, Rapunzel and Harry Potter.
Where did she meet them?
Harry was at her house.
Of course.
We aren't sure where she met Belle (her mom thinks she dreamt it.)
And Rapunzel was actually just out in the parking lot before the shoot.
Sometimes I wish I could get into a child's head and think what they think.
What does she really think of this big world?
Who are all these people running around?
Where does imagination and reality truly blur - 
where she innocently doesn't even know the difference between the truth of my existence and a Disney Princess?
Keara doesn't understand that it's not polite to pull a wedgie in public.
Or that people don't usually walk around in princess dresses.
Or that you must walk on the right.
She unashamedly watches herself dance in the reflection.
Spinning and flicking her little partly-painted nails.
Keara is a little girl.  
Keara is a big sister.
And Keara really wanted to play on the playground.
"But it's too cold outside, honey."
"Nooo! The one inside mom! The playGWound inside!"
Of course she doesn't understand that that playground is only for the children of gym members.
"Mom! It's... it's... it's a PLAYgwound!"
Alannah didn't really want to play on the playground.
Alannah didn't really want to lay on her belly, either.

Keara was dancing with her bear (no reflection to look at this time) but they needed a little dance break.
Cue "big" little brother, JJ.
Even though he's two years younger, he's significantly larger then her.
But don't worry.
She's still the boss.
He's the dum-de-dum sidekick.
"Now YOU be the dog!  And I'll be owner! Ok, JJ? Ok?"
He follows her lead.
Because when you are two, four year olds are great people to follow.
Especially if they have the dignity and honor of a princess dress.

It's so funny how children really do grow-up and become adults.
It's "no duh" but it's still funny.
Someday she won't think a splash of water hitting her head will be SOsoSO humorous!  
And she won't giggle and squeal away from it.
And she won't be afraid of going up the stairs alone.
"Pwease come with me mom?"
"No, Keara, you are fine!  Go on..."
Someday she won't sing songs about singing songs.
And she won't think getting her shoes soaking wet in the snow is nearly as much fun as it was today.

But that's just it.
Someday isn't today.
And Keara is a darling, emotional, imaginative, quick, sensitive, small little girl today.

Being with kids always helps me to enjoy today.
Because someday I won't be living alone in my own apartment.
And someday I won't be a basketball coach.
And someday I won't be able to get 6 hours of sleep on weekends and be functioning on Monday mornings.

Here's to today!

This is the LORD's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.
This is the day that the LORD has made;
let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Anyone care to share what you enjoy "today"?

She needed to be in a few more :D




  1. Oh, Kristen, these are priceless!! You truly captured her preciousness and your thoughts made me smile :)

  2. Kristen!! I love this post!!
    It's wonderful to see my best friend's kids growing up and you capturing such beautiful pics......I know Kelley is going to loved them :)
    Wish I was there shooting alongside you :)


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