Personal Project {Personal}

Today I'm giving you a sneak-peek into a "personal project slash new business element" I've been working on.  More details to come, but at some point today you should head on over to my other blog to read about Terry and Cindy.  I won't give too much info here, but I personally have been so encouraged, inspired and challenged by this marriage and family.  Especially little Joel who I didn't get to meet, but am excited to meet someday.
Have a lovely Tuesday folks!



  1. Love it friend! Looking forward to more of this special 'personal project.'
    Good pictures too. ;-)

  2. Hey, I know that family! Through mutual friends my family met them. We prayed often for them during the trials with Joel. While their story is not an easy one, God so incredibly used it to grow and strengthen them. What a beautiful testimony and great pictures!
    Btw, I've been following your blog a while now and love your work :)


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