London Vacation Day 3 {Personal}

Today was a wonderful and sunny day three of this London holiday.  We had an early morning as we had to catch the train to Brighton for an afternoon at the English seashore.  In my hurry I forgot my memory cards, my iPhone and extra money.  Well done, huh.

We bought disposable cameras (which I think will be quite fun once we get the pictures back!) and in the last 45 minutes of being there, we found a shop that sold CF.  SOLD!  To the woman without her brain.

I'm so glad we were able to get a few digital shots.  I looooove this one.  The "sand" isn't sand... it's millions of pebbles!  And the chairs are just too cute (and also mighty expensive.  You have to pay 2 pounds to sit in them.  Oh well.  They are fun to look at.)
  We had lunch at Figuro's Cafe (can't go wrong with a fresh Panini in the sun with your bestie!)
Aaaand we also spent a lot of time on the Brighton Pier.  It was so whimsical and jolly.  I was a happy little camper.
Off to bed so I have energies and awake eyes for tomorrow's adventures!


  1. Fun! Oh wait! Brighton is the same town that they refer to in "Pride and Prejudice"!

  2. I get more jealous with each post. ;)

  3. Wayyy too cool. Not fair. =) Looks like you're having so much fun!


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