Film {Florida}

Alright everyone.  We know it's back and more fabulous then ever.
It's the mark of cool.
If you aren't a part of the rage, you are so lame.  
Film is BACK. Ladies and gentleman. Film is back.  
Anybody who is anybody these days is rocking their film.  All film, partial film, actions that make it look like film.  I wanna be cool tooOOoo!

When I was stranded in Florida with Dre+Becca (who took some of these awesome pics), I decided to be cool, ok? 
I want to be on the band-wagon!  I'm not going to lose touch with the current trends!  I am going to do a blog post with film!

But in all honesty, film is fun.  And completely beautiful and I respect photographers that are brave enough to try film, and skilled enough to know what they are doing.

I'm perfectly happy with a Kodak disposable camera, and lots of memories with my friends :D

Ta-ta for now!  I'm in Vegas for WPPI and I have things to do!  People to see (lie)!  And food to eat! Ba-bye!


  1. Hee hee. Film is fun! :)

  2. Yes, I am soooo trendy for once! lol. I have rolls of film in my freezer (ahem, because it takes me so long to use it all), and have had one roll in my camera for the past...uh, three months. Someday I'll use it up and be able to share it on my blog!

  3. i'm pretty good at shooting film apparently ;-)

  4. Anonymous8.3.10

    Hey great post, looking forward to the next one :)


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