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Today I'm grateful.   I like a lot of things in life. Want to know what?

Mmmm.  I like bobby pins. I was a magical mix of hardcore jock and plain, awkward nerd in highschool.  My hair was either air-dryed and straight, or in an elastic pony-tail.  I love bobby pins.

I love the coral-neon-pink nail polish I'm wearing.  Did you know it took me until this past Friday to realize if I paint more then one coat, my nail polish will last longer?  It's Monday and they look great. Go nail polish!

I like that yesterday was the first day I had ever been to Pioneer Woman's blog.  Probably the only female with a computer and RSS feeder to never have been on her blog, but hey, fashionably late?  Plus, I spent four hours reading her love story. Oh.My.Lady.Lady.String.Bean.Circus.Nights.GOSH. 
What a love story they have!

I like that I'm participating in a strike on Thursday.  Maryland thinks it's kind of funny to play games with my heart.  60 degrees one day. Seven inches of snow days later?  Cruel.  I'm leaving for Florida and won't come back until Maryland get it's act together. (Nawh, I'm just shooting a wedding - I'll be back Sunday.  But ssssh, I want my state to squirm a little.)

I like Summer of Grey Likes Weddings because she lives in Calfornia AND likes grease.  We have a french-fry date planned next time I'm in the area :D

I like Wendy's until 11 pm on Tuesday nights, I like Steve Madden heels that I rarely get to wear, I like wearing my Steve Madden heels and getting made fun of for wearing heels.  I like when I ask my babiest sister, Lauren, "Where on earth did we get you?" and she says "Um, somehwere spicy!"

I like LongHorn steakhouse's honey mustard dressing, hearing the "dadada-ding!" when mom starts WiFit up each morning and finding out that my friends passed their tests.

I'm so proud of my little brother for organizing and running Hoops for Haiti at his highschool, where a bunch of "poor" 16-year-olds raised over $7000. 

Lastly, I love this truth from Ecclesiastes 3: "He has made everything beautiful in its time.
I perceived that there is nothing better for them than to be joyful as long as they live."

My mind is running this Monday morning with things I am nervous about, things I need to get done, things I don't like (SNOW!) and things that are hard for me.  But sometimes it helps to remember all these things are beautiful for this time.   It's easier for me to complain.  But, no, life is good. Things are good.  I'm grateful and want to choose joy all the days I live.


  1. Beautiful post Kristen.

  2. Loved ur random do-si-do blog entry! Keep it up. See you in couple of weeks! :)

  3. Thank you. Seriously. I'm having one of those fat jean wearing, unmotivated, bad hair day-days. And it is good to be reminded that life really ain't all that bad, in fact it's pretty darn good. Thanks for this! ps I just discovered Pioneer Woman myself very recently, so don't feel bad ha!

  4. Oh, I started reading PW's love story last week! Oh. My. Word. Haven't quite finished it, but for pete's sake, it was pretty cool. ;)

  5. Love this post! :) Haha, I love how you're so random!!

  6. and I'll see you in Florida and that same wedding :) I'm so counting down the days myself... Can't wait for some warmer weather!

  7. wonderful :) ... i love pioneer woman's blog :)

  8. Your nail polish sounds amazing! Who is it by??

  9. I stop by your blog frequently but haven't commented until now. Thought I'd add my 2 cents in to say A] I'm having a blahhh day too, and reading this reminds me as well, that even when things seem dreary, life is soooo good. B] I LOVE PW's blog, AND her love story. I stayed up until 3 am once reading it. I practically had to force my eyes open with toothpicks but I couldn't quit reading. C] I am a HUGE, HUGE fan of your photography. Huge.

  10. PW!!! She basically wrote my love story. She's amazing. If you like to cook, or desire to cook, her chicken and wine is the most delicious thing you'll ever eat.

    and thanks for mentioning her. Sometimes, you read someone's blog and you think, "man, they would really like this person." and it makes me happy when I find out that they already do :)

  11. Hi Kristen! Goodness, I love your photography. You do such a nice job. May I ask which kind of camera you use? Cannon, right? But, which Cannon? There are so many.
    Thanks in advance!

  12. @sherry - I don't even know! Some random no-name company, but it's my favorite color. I just love it.

    @laurarad - uuuum, tell me about it. i wanted to sleep, but i knew my dreams wouldn't be better then the story? haha so i had to finish it!

    @molly - i will DEF try her chicken + wine. good to know ;D

    @joy - I shoot with a Canon 5D (so outdated these days haha but i love it)

  13. oh. my. gosh.

    Pioneer Woman. yes :D

    I spent waaay too much time over thanksgiving reading their love story hahaha


  14. Very wonderfully said... That's why I like u Kristen :)

  15. i concur with momma smart on this one ... heheh you and jamie are ADORB!

    ps. i miss you pretty lady!

  16. Hey I was just reading through your blog and this post in particular and the passage from Ecclesiastes 3 and what you said about your mind running and it being easy to complain but you choose joy made me think of one of my favorite songs of all time. Are you familiar with the band Starfield and in particular the song Everything Is Beautiful?... well if not, the chorus goes like this..."So everything is beautiful/Even when the tears are falling/I don't need a miracle to believe/Even in the crashing down/I can hear redemption calling/And everything is beautiful to me" well, just thought you might enjoy that song if you don't already know of it.


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