Seth + Janet + Baby {Family Shoot}

"And you take that love you made
And stick it into someone else's heart
Pumping someone else's blood

And walking arm in arm
You'll just do it all again"

regina spektor - on the radio

Seth is madly in love with his wife, Janet.  And she thinks he is pretty awesome too :D
It's exactly how it should be.

And it was time for them to have a baby.  In God's wonderful way, He gave them a little girl. Exactly at His proper time, she entered their life.

She's a darling, beautiful child named Audrey Elizabeth (but she is affectionately known as "Meeper.")
A few weeks before Meeper was born, we did a family shoot. 

We couldn't hold or see her yet, but she was definitely their daughter inside Janet's belly :D  And this is their family!

Janet is a silly-head a thought she was so big + fat.  I'm pretty sure she weighed less then me when she was NINE months pregnant.  She is so gorgeous. And tiny.  Seth was looking sharp himself!  No wonder Audrey is so stinkin' attractive!

Audrey is a wiggler!  We could see her little feet goin' for a walk.  So amazing. 

Side note: I miss sunshine and color and warm days.

I love you guys so much!  All three of you!

If you'd like to see Meeper with her family after she was born, check out Jenny James' pictures right here!  SO GOOD!


  1. i like their style. and the sunshine in these photos. and you.

  2. i heart the remsnyders.
    love these photos :)

  3. these are really really beautiful!

  4. these are really really beautiful!

  5. those are 3 of my favorite people. & it's their anniversary today! happy times--and lovely pictures. :-)

  6. How sweet! I love the first shot with the baby shoes between theirs!

  7. awesome pics kristen! she is so beautiful and i love the pics audrey

  8. Aunt Pam21.1.10

    I LOVE the shoe shot too! Waaayyy too cute!

  9. They have the cutest little style! I love love love these!!

  10. Oh I love the first image. That is so adorable. Keep up the great work. It looks like you have a lot of fun on your sessions.

  11. So cute! :) love the fmaily of converses!

  12. That's one of my favorite Regina Spektor songs! Love it.

  13. How cute are the little baby shoes. Awesome photos!

  14. Anonymous28.1.10

    Wow she looks fabulous!! :) I love the last set of images, especially the one with them sitting by the picket fence!


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