Brown Boxes from ModCloth {I'm Kristen}

I love brown cardboard boxes. Oooooh I just love 'em!
Don't deny that your heart flutters going to get the mail and opening your door only to find a brown box sitting there, like the less-creepy Geico Money. It's the best! I think more should come in brown boxes.
I wish texts came in mini boxes.  And breakfast each morning. And clean socks!
And good hair days - "Oh my, now what is this? A good hair day? Thank you brown box, thank you."

Happily, ModCloth ships their clothes in brown, cardboard boxes.  So if you want to check out their "Cabin Fever 70% off" sale right now, you might open up a box with
a brand-new silky, white, spring-time trench that cost less then $25.

I'm so liking this new trench.  I like the word "trench" too.  It's like clench. Ooooo, powerful. Or quench. Which remind me of Gatorade?  Anyways, it's a classic jacket and I like wearing at my desk even though I'm not going anywhere. 

Though you'd like to know :D


  1. Anonymous27.1.10

    modcloth is the best! I can't usually afford them so I'm definitely checking out this sale! also - I loved the random thoughts in this post :) hilarious!

  2. that's fabulous :) the trench coat is super cute...i love brown boxes too!! they're so exciting!

  3. Cute coat! And yes, everything should be delivered in brown boxes, tied with twine- ideally :) Or ribbon!

  4. Love that coat! so checking out the sale.
    I'm with you on the boxes, lol!

  5. Anonymous28.1.10

    Boxes are the best I totally agree! ;D Love the coat!!

  6. love love love that coat - no wonder you're wearing it at your desk :D

  7. O you are so adorb :)
    And I can't believe I get to see you in a little over a weeeeek!
    I'm gonna call you soon-ish :)

  8. LOVE ModCloth, love your trench, love your post, and can't wait to see the pics from this weekend! =)

  9. This post is what exposed me to ModCloth. So lovely, but so dangerous to the wallet! =)


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