Rob and Hannah

Oh, weddings. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

All I can say, folks, is that I am just thrilled that wedding season is here. THRILLed. This past Saturday, I shot Hannah and Rob's fantastic day (special thank to Peter Bang for shooting with me!)

Hannah has gorgeous taste, and her wedding was simple elegance.


I love how clean and simple this one is. And how sweet Hannah looks. I love Hannah :D

Pretty much beautiful!

Ok, I LOVE all these outside ones. Adore. Obsess over. Everything was perfect!

I can't figure out how to type that "you are pretty so I just whistled at you" sound, but that's the sound I'm trying to put here:

You could take this right out a little girl's dream for her wedding, I think. SO pretty!

And one more just for sport :D

Oops, and this is the really last one.

Hannah was such a happy bride! She just smiled and laughed and smiled all day long. Precious...

We musn't forget about ze boys:

They did a "first look" and you know how happy that makes me :D

Hannah was really adorable waiting for her man. Taking one last look to make sure all is perfect:


... two....

Blast off!

They both burst into tears. And I do mean burst. It was like the whole world paused and they were the only two that existed :D I was just praying my tears weren't effecting the pictures, goodness.

Look how precious they are :D

It was a rainy day, but rather pretty!

When the ceremony started, the waterworks only got worse. Shew!

Btw, I loved Hannah's dad! He was too fun!

A simple ceremony shot....

He had a niiiice voice!

Hello happy!

The post-ceremony cheers are some of the best moments of a wedding!

And we will conclude this post with a little prayer :D

Congratulations Rob and Hannah! It was wonderful being at your big day!


The Smiths!

There are some people in life who affect you in ways that they will just never know.
Chase Smith is one of those people :)

I've never actually met Chase, but someday I will. I do know his dad, Jon, and mom, Jenni.
I also know his big brother, Carson, and perfect little sister, Jade.

Chase was born on November 6, 2006 and, as his father writes "then 'he was not, for God took him' (Genesis 5.24). He died in [my] arms.
Chase fought heroically for that four-hour period of time, but that battle was not for him to win or lose, for Christ alone holds the keys of life and death."

{photo from The Smiths Blog}
The day after he died, they wrote on their blog: "We count the four hours that God gave us with him as some of the most precious 4 hours that we have had while here on this earth. God was good in giving us every moment we had with Chase and He was and is good in taking him."

{photo from The Smiths Blog}
Thanks to Chase and his parents, I have fallen more in love with my God. While he was in the womb, doctors discovered he had a fatal brain condition that stunned his parents. For such a young couple, they have handled such severe suffering. But they are some of the happiest, kindest, most joyful people I have met. I realllly reallllly want to be like them!

It was honestly a PURE joy to watch Jon and Jenni with their two-month-old baby girl. They love her so much. I can hardly stand it :D

Isn't she wonderful? I could have held her all day....

:D Hi squishy!

I love that God is the healer of the broken-hearted and has poured out His kindness on Jon and Jenni! I love these smiles :D

Even though it was nippy outside, we had to get some shots. Nothing beats sunshine :D

Guh, I love it! So sweeet!

Mommy and her little ones :D

I loved the feel of these next two... I don't know why. I think they're just cuteness :D

OOooo watch out, world. It's a stud muffin!

Jon and his little lady -- he is one of the proudest fathers this world has ever seen

Oh cute!

This one was a special request by Jenni, and I love how it came out!

To the whole Smith Family -- thank you for how you have impacted me and thank you for letting me take pictures of your GORGEOUS family!


Scott and Grace

"Hallelujah, I just love her so!"
-- joe williams

When you are just walking up the stairs to get to your shoot location, and the pictures are turning out like this:

And this:

... You know the shoot is going to be amamazing.
Grace and Scott's shoot was amamazing!

I've known Grace for a long time. I actually remember when she was in 5th grade and I was in 1st and during recess one time we were playing tag with no shoes on. My socks were getting all stretched out and baggy. She ran past me and accidentally stepped on my sock causing me to fall over her.

Apparently she's good at that. Scott is the latest to fall over Grace.

They just met this past summer, but sometimes when it's right, even a day seems too long to wait :D They are getting married about 7 months after meeting and goodnight I am excited about their wedding!

Because first of all. Aren't they just gorgeous? I'll answer that - YES! They are.

Also, they laugh and smile and cuddle a lot. I think it's just adorable!



Sometimes less is more :D

Look how happy that girl is? Too precious!

I love the feel of this one :D

Far away, with the lovely 6:00 sky...

Close up, with the lovely little smiles :D

I think this is my favorite of the day. I love every single thing about it!

Some paparazzi-ness!


You guys were outstandingly fun to chill with today and I can't wait for your wedding!!! Seriously!