Jeff and Mikaela - New York Engagement Shoot

"I’m falling for you
As I'm standing here
And you hold my hand..."
colbie caillat - falling for you

Jeff and Mikaela. Wooow.  They are crazy.

No, seriously.  They are crazy.
Like if a SuperDooperLooper roller coaster and the squirrel running on my roof merged together and drank soda out of a straw made from Skittles.  And then got coffee afterwards, with cotton candy on the side it might be as crazy as this couple.  They're crazy.
Jeff is a retired Marine and works two jobs (one where he gets up at 3:30 am!) and Mikaela is about to head into law school.  So they are serious, responsible adults.  Don't get me wrong.
But they have this young, crazy, elementary-school-kid thing going on.  It's very fun :D
They only met a year and a half ago, and some would think that's really quick to be engaged.
But, as Jeff cooly said "When you know, you know."
This is very Zales commercial-y to me. SooOOoo romantic ;D
There's that big, beautiful smile! Mikaela is a whirlwind of talking, laughing, skipping and hair-flipping. She's just too fun! Jeff is going to have an awesome life with her.
Oh. And she's absolutely gorgeous. No big deal.
Part of their "young-ness" that I loved, was how crazy they were about each other.  They were always touching, exchanging glances, quoting inside jokes and basically smitten with each other.

After we did our formal-city-look, they changed into more casual outfits.  I personally LOVE them both.
Ah, wait. But first.  Their changing-room also doubled as Jeff's incredible, manly pick-up.  We had to grab some shoots in there :D

This was cute (and totally unposed.)  I told them to hop out and get changed.  This is what followed:
Mikaela: Tell me I'm a bird! Yeah... I'm a bird!

Jeff (quietly): Yes, you're a bird.  And if you're a bird, I'm a bird.
Mikaela: (giggles)
Alright. Enough cute.
Jeff grabbed his guitar, and we headed to a new location.  My first shot with their new outfits:
I got really excited. haha
And then this one happened, and I liked it even better. I just like my couples?
YOU ARE SO PRETTY. not fair.

I'm really a fan of guitars.
Hahah what trouble ;)

I had to corral them over and get them to focus for the next shots.  Sometimes life is just too exciting? Haha

And other times, your fiance is just too huggable :D

Man, I am out of things to say - I just love them so much!  I can't stand how cute they are!

Train. Clouds. Guitar. Kisses. Plaid. Boots.  I dare you to find something you don't like.

Waiting at a train - so old fashioned and perfect.  A very lovely way to end the shoot :D

Jeff and Mikaela - you guys made my week and I am so glad we got to hang out!  I'm so excited for you :D


  1. Oh my. I think this is the cutest couple ever!! Very happy. :)

  2. oh wow, I agree. TOO CUTE :D

  3. Loooved it. I could just feel their personalities from these pics! Great job girl!

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  5. I love it! I love the freeness and the intimacy between the couple. great job!

  6. Gorgeous work! LOVE #4!

    You should swing by NJ! :)

  7. What a cute couple! Love this shoot! :)

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  10. Great job, Kristen! Amazing as always!

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  12. So fantastic! I love ALL of the shots. And you're post processing. BEAUTIFUL!

  13. Ok any couple that knows little lines from The Notebook is my favorite! So adorable! And yes, it's totally not fair how beautiful she is! You did such a beautiful job!!!

  14. Anonymous3.12.09

    Wow Kristen, you are too good!! I can't find anything I DON'T like in the train picture. :)
    I've commented here before, but you probably don't remember. I'm 14, I LOVE photography, ( just bought my first SLR. Lovin it!! I've been following your blog for about 6 months now...and I just get so excited when I see you've posted. :) Thanks for giving me so much inspiration!!

    ~Rachel Clarke

  15. These are SO adorable!! I love the ones in the middle of the street- they are so romantic..

  16. gorgeous shots kristen... absolutely lovely! :)

  17. Their last outfit is HUNDRED times my favourite. so hipster :) :)

  18. The one of them kissing on the perfect!!

  19. love the ones on the train station in the distance! these are so beautiful!

  20. Her eyes are STUNNING! I can't get over them. I love every single image. Seriously, love.

  21. Quoting one of the best parts of The Notebook? That alone would make me love these guys, but WOWZA to how much they love one another. That shot of him kissing her is ALLLL kinds of HOT! :)

  22. Hey YOU!!!!!! Amazing shoot, amazing couple, amazing city, amazing photographer. AMAZING :)

  23. pure awesomeness


  24. WOW.

    (ps. Fallin' For You is my favoritest song ever.)

  25. Okay I know I already commented, but SHEESH woman. I love these shots!!!!!!!!! :)

  26. I think these are the cutest engagement photos ever! I love your captions too :)

  27. Anonymous8.12.09

    I love these! They are awesome! I'm a HUGE fan of the last ones with his plaid shirt and her wearing the boots. But they are all super!!

  28. I had fun looking at these!

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  30. Yeah. She is adorable! Love her eyes and 1000 watt smile! Great shots

  31. Beautiful shoot!

    We miss you. Come back to blogging soon.

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  35. These are so cute Kristen! I love em' :)

  36. Anonymous2.1.10

    I've been looking all over for this!


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