What I love these days...

Last fall I wrote a blog post about "Nights" at my house.  I just walked around my house and took pictures of what was going on.  The dirty doors, the sleeping kids, the orange peels, the dinner dishes - my life, pretty much.  That is one of my favorite things to re-read.  I don't ever want to forget how wonderful my life is.  Here are some things I am loving these days ...
I love going on spontaneous (and somewhat unproductive) shopping trips with my friends.  I know that someday I won't be able to just stop my morning and drive to Target with Lydia and try on Chicken and Hot Dog costumes (and listen to the strange, goth grandma who really wanted the Witch costume, but not for $40.)  I wish we had bought these.  I would so wear mine around on rainy days to cheer the world up.

I love looking at pictures from my friends wedding - the first of my group of friends to get married.  I love how we are all still so young.  That was a happy day :D I also love stopping my work for a bit and trying on my bridesmaids dress two months after the wedding (it's even a little loose!) and dancing to "You Make My Dreams Come True" and then going back to work in my desk in the dress.  That's fun :D

This is very small, but I was excited to see my car hit "8000" and "9000" miles.  I just happened to look down right when it was at both of those!  I hummed "Happy Birthday." My leetle car is getting soooo biiiiig ;)

As I'm working on my studio, I've felt like a giddy puppy with a wagging tail and big round eyes when boxes arrive in the mail.  It's so fun getting a new chair or dresser.  I always feel like an idiot when I put it together.  But hey, it's fun to open :D

I ADORE the weather right now.  My world is like a water-color painting or cheery greeting card.  God is glorious and I love how He decorates our land.  I can't wait to see heaven :D
And now we get to the really good stuff that I love.  Oh I love them so much.  My three littlest siblings (Dude who is 10, Shannon who is 8 and Laury-Lou who is 6) have always had my whole heart.  But recently they've been stealing my spare-heart, putting it in their Betty-Boop schoolbag and leaving me only loving them more.  I love them.

I love when they steal my phone to "call mom" and when I get it back there are gobs of blurry pictures and self-portraits. 

I love their cheeks and missing teeth. 
I love when I happen to be entering my neighborhood just as my mom is leaving.   I see their skinny little arms waving at me from the window as I pass them.  Then I see their bangs and noses turned around in their seats as they look out the rear window - still waving and bouncing. 

I love that whenever Dude uses my computer for school, he goes to my itunes and types in "Amarillo Sky" and he plays it on repeat for hours.  I'll come home from being out all day and find a Doritos bag on my desk, little dirty boy socks under my chair and Jason Aldean singing his heart out, while the tractor takes one more round.  Every single time.

I love that my mom bought new sports pictures to hang in Dude's room and he decided to hang them up himself. 
"Hey mom!  I put the pictures up!  I didn't take the white corners off yet, but I think the arrangement is really nice." 
Mom and I definitley stood in his room and looked at the wall.  He was off at school and we just laughed in his room talking about how precious he is and how much we love him.  We really, really do.  And we are not touching those pictures - they will probably stay crooked until we move out of this house.

And just last week I had a sweet treat waiting for me when I came home after midnight.  My sisters "camped out" on my floor - they fell asleep waiting to say good-night to me.  

Their favorite song is "Amazing Grace" so that plays on repeat when they are in my room.   Shannon is especially moved by that song.  Last summer she burst into tears when it was playing in the car, and she started talking about a boy we know who died.  And just two weeks ago she was having quite a temper and locked herself in the bathroom, screaming that she wouldn't go to bed.  I put "Amazing Grace" on my ipod and set it outside the door.  The screams stopped.  It was quiet for a while.  Before the song repeated twice she was in my arms saying she was sorry and ready for bed.

I love these days. 
"It is good and fitting is to eat and drink and find enjoyment in all your toil these few days of life that God has given you - this is the gift of God.
You will not much remember the days of your life because God keeps you occupied with joy in your heart."

Make sure you remember to enjoy today!  And if you can take a picture of a sweet memory with your cellphone - even better ;D


  1. I love how much you love your siblings. I always wished I had an older sister (instead of a crummy younger brother) but now I wouldn't trade ANYTHING for my little brother.

    Loving how your studio is coming together! How exciting!

  2. Aw Kristen, this whole post made me happy. Thanks for sharing these sweet pictures and words from your life. =)

    I haven't been by to comment in a while, but I read every. single. post. And your photography is just as amazing as ever. =D

  3. Awe, I love it!

    Kristen-- I've got your blog on RSS and have been loving to see your photos! I recently purchased a Canon Rebel XSi, and have been loving every minute with it ;)

    It is great to see how your faith shows though on your blog! I am a christian as well =)

    Keep up the good work!


  4. Anonymous27.10.09

    I LOVE the chair!! Where forever did you get it?

  5. i love this. and i love you. =)

  6. I feel like if I lived anywhere near you and met you, we'd be friends. Though blog stalking you is completely lovely as well.

    I love your images, I want to be as good as you one day, and this post made me want to be like you more than just photographically.

    You are a happy photographer. I love it!

  7. Oh that is just so sweet. your siblings are so lucky to have you as their sister. So cute how much you love them.

  8. ahhhh. i am going to go take pictures of everything right.now.
    growing up is so...confusing.
    love these pics.
    -your friendly neighborhood total-stranger-reader-fan-across-the-world (:

  9. rah! :) this post is awesome. i loved our hot dog and chicken suits too. definitely would have worn mine to school yesterday in the rain. can you imagine how happier every one would be seeing me in a giant chicken suit? it would be the bomb.

  10. oh man I was really excited to see that I was definitely with you for two of those pictures!! how did that happen......

  11. Love this post..and soo true! Life is short and it's the everyday little things that count and mean the most and we don't appreciate enough. Thanks for the reminder to be content with what I have, to be happy, joyful and thankful.

  12. Ashley Borden29.10.09

    Hey Kristen this is the first time i have ever commented but I love this post sooo much!!!! By the way I love love love that rug!

  13. I'm curious about the chair too! I've been looking for one such chair...do you mind sharing where you got it?


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