The Bonebrake's - Family Shoot {MD/DC/VA - I'm Kristen}

Lift up your hearts with a smile
Lift up your feet with a dance
Lift up your spirits with a song
Its family time

Ziggy Marley - Family Time

Life is a serious thing - no joke.  And that's why it is SO important to seriously enjoy it.  I love when I meet people who really, really do.  The Bonebrake family.  Guh.  They love each other and they love life.

The kids are sweethearts and we had a blast running around a local park together.  I loved their giggles and trips and ideas for pictures. 

I love that their voice-message for their phone is "Hi!  You've reached the Bonebrake's and we're playing with the kids! Leave a message!"

I love how Andrea calls her baby boy "Mr. Blue Eyes."

They have such a care-free, relaxed, happy vibe to their family.  Their kids are going to love all their childhood memories - they have amazing parents.

He saw a puppy.  I am SO not as interesting as a puppy. 

Ps.  When was the last time you saw so many cute faces in one collage? 

Hey dad, I hope you are ready to keep the boys away from these two!  Good luck with that!

Maryland has some gorgeous color, I can't lie.  As fussy as the weather is, it really has some exceptionally gorgeous times.


They really are the best of friends.  I loved watching them together :D

I kinda wanted to take him home with me.  Think they'd notice?

And that's a wrap!

It was a pleasure meeting and working with you guys!  I hope you enjoy the pictures :D


  1. What do you use to edit your pictures?! I absolutely love your style!!

  2. the photo you got of mr. blue eyes pointing at the puppy is probably my favorite photo EVER!

  3. Those fall colors are just. so. amazing! They make me feel all tingly!

  4. Oh these are simply gorgeous! What a picture perfect family and location! Love the first one, so natural and fun!

  5. Anonymous30.10.09

    Kristen, you are good-these are lovely. What a pretty family!

  6. perfect perfect perfect!

  7. Wow you are amazing. I love your photos to no end.

  8. Mr. Blue eyes for sure - gorgeous. Beautiful family and great shots. Love the lighting.

  9. Anonymous5.11.09

    Such fun photos!! You are soo good!

  10. Anonymous7.2.13

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