Why I do what I do

Everyone (at least who has commented) has been just so sweet to me regarding the "new brand."
I'll be honest, I love it.  I know how I think and how I like things and when my blog opens up and I see it I think "Yes! That's exactly what I like!" 

So, why the re-brand right now?  Lot's of reasons.
So let me tell you one of them.

A reason I re-branded was for all the grooms I have ever shot and will ever shoot.  I wanted the real, emotional, overwhelming wedding day feelings to be noticed more than ever.

It's for each groom who has been frozen, wide-eyed, at the end of the aisle, waiting for his bride.
For each groom who can say "When she walks in the room, I can hardly breathe.  She's got a devastating smile that knocks a grown man to his knees."

It's for the men who see their lady and are stunned.
Who see her and feel like they don't deserve the woman walking down to them.

To all the lip-biters who wait with racing hearts, knowing that she is coming down that aisle to marry you.

To the men who gasp and fall apart like dollar-store sunglasses when she looks straight into your eyes, with her perfect smile.

To those who can only wipe streaming tears from their eyes.

Physical pain, hard days, bad jobs, and mean friends can't get those tears out of you.  But her? You can't help yourself.

To the men who can only  smile and smile -- and even let out a hearty laugh -- as they lock gaze with their precious girl.  You know you have a lifetime to love her, enjoy her, protect her, help her and grow with her, and that makes your face light up because it's her.

I am in this business (with this new brand) because I know that this isn't the first time she has startled you when she has walked in the room.  I know that her presence can make everything sweeter, better and more wonderful.  
I know that you will see her walk into many more rooms for the rest of your life.  
Maybe as you come home from a day at work, and she's just thrilled to see you.
Maybe someday she'll have a big ol' belly when she comes in.
Maybe she'll be in smelly pajama's with a child on her hip.
Maybe she'll come in with a tear-stained face after a hard day.
Maybe she'll walk to your dinner table with a plate of food that tastes terrible that she tried so hard to make for you.
Maybe she'll return from a quick "freshen up"  in the restroom on your 20th anniversary date, beaming with a mature, stunning elegance.
Maybe she will hobble in with her walker one day, and you won't even know it because you are losing your hearing.

But you will still look at her the same way, because she's yours.


  1. Kristen, you made me tear up!!!!
    This post makes me smile just thinking about when it's my turn........ :)
    I love you and I'm so thrilled to see how God has blessed your business......
    Can't wait to see you !!! (hopefully at my wedding)

  2. thanks for making me cry at work you meanie!...that was absolutely beautiful..your words are like poetry. thank you.

  3. Ohmyword. You know how to put it in words, for sure! So beautiful.


  4. Add me to the list of people who you caused to tear up a little with this post. You have a lovely way with words. Can't wait to have you shoot our wedding - less than eight months now!

  5. I LOVE your new blog! It's seems so personal and so ...YOU. :) Even though we only know each other through the J* workshop, I admire your work, ambition and love for your clients. Keep up the fabulous work!

  6. Beautifully said! Beautiful photos. Just a perfect blog post :)

  7. Aw, you're going to make ne cry...sooo sweet. =) I love the new branding, too.

  8. I am at work in tears. Maybe you should also be a poet.. maybe you are one and we are just finding out! I love your photography, the heart you put in it, and how passionate you are. That was so wonderful, I am just at a lost for words! A picture is worth a thousand words but with a caption beneath it that picture can tug at all your emotions!

    Thank you!

  9. This post was marvelous, as is the new branding. And it was a delight to see my good friend Brandon included in the photos...his wife, Shaina, is one of my best friends in the world.

    ...and yes, he still looks at her like that. All the time. :]

  10. Anonymous3.9.09

    oh kristen! probably my favorite post yet! =) besides my sister's wedding! =D

  11. UGH just love all the dude pics! Reminds me of my big day and all the crying that went on ;) love you!!

  12. A perfect post. One of the best posts I have ever read. Simply beautiful. Just beautiful. *sigh*

  13. A perfect post. One of the best posts I have ever read. Simply beautiful. Just beautiful. *sigh*

  14. Tori3.9.09

    This is great! I am with everyone else and teared up when I saw this. I wasn't able to see his sequence of faces and this is just amazing to see! What a hectic and rainy wedding we had but you made it work! Thanx Kristen...you're the best!

  15. I feel that way when I look at you.

  16. gosh Kristen go write a stinkin romance novel already.... seriously tho, Kristen you have an amazing gift with words!!! I know I have had favorit posts but this beats them all by a long shot!! LOVE it. The look on the guys face as his bride walks down by far my fav part of a wedding.


  17. Anonymous4.9.09

    Love the progression shots.. :)
    Those are great!


  18. Anonymous4.9.09

    I'm sitting here teary-eyed...that was wonderful. Not only are your pictures amazing, but you paint beautiful pictures with your words as well:)

  19. sylvie4.9.09

    this is why i am lookin forward to all your love letters.

  20. *sniff* One of my favorite moments of a wedding too! How can you not love it?!
    Amazing post. Amazing new identity. And I miss YOU too! I better see your smiling face at WPPI this spring!!!

  21. oh gosh. i have goose bumps. isn't God's gift of love... well, amazing.

  22. Got here from the link posted at David Jay's Facebook and I must say, your work is absolutely awesome. Love love the commentary included in your blog post as well. Definitely bookmarking your site :)

    Keep up the great work and thanks again for sharing!

  23. Dearest Kristen--
    All I could think when I read this was...
    I can't wait to see the look on the face of YOUR man when YOU walk down the aisle. You are a gift and wise beyond your years.

  24. Great and amazing photos!

    Love your blog, will definitely stop by more often. Epically since your a Marylandian ( is that even a word..lol) i was one till about 4 years ago ;) now i'm a Floridian ;)

  25. Anonymous4.9.09

    wow.... you have a way with words! I def teared up reading this :)

  26. you need to write a country song.

    ps. i love this. so so much.

  27. Anonymous5.9.09

    That was beyond eloquent. Love this post, kristen!

  28. Anonymous7.9.09

    "Because she's yours..." Beautiful words and beautiful collection of groom's glances. I'm taken by your photography.

  29. LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!!....WHO ARE YOU??? I'M KRISTEN!!!
    NICE JOB!!


  30. Anonymous10.9.09

    Ohh that was so touching! About made me tear up. I love you & your photography Kristen. <3

  31. Oh Kristen, these pictures brought tears to my eyes. Well done. :)

    -chelsea white

  32. That was awesome Kristen! I was excited to see my Jeffrey in there. So cool to see the softer side of him. Hope you are doing well and keep up the good work!!

  33. ohhh..this is so sweet....it totally made me smile.each wedding and each couple are so special...awesome,kristen!


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