Today I woke up (good start) and decided quickly that I needed a shower. 
I turned on the water to let it get warm (I am NOT a fan of cold showers), while I got my towel, clothes and radio.  A minute later, I jumped in and it was much too hot.  So annoying.
And whaaat is this?!  Katie took the good shampoo!  WAY annoying! Now my hair is gonna be crispy.  Not silky and beautiful. Stink :(

Despite the troublesome start to the day, I managed to continue on with life.  I went to my office, where work was almost leaking out of my 30-inch Mac Pro screen. 
I drove around town, frusterated with the construction and traffic on our main road.  It slows even the simplest trips down!  Plus, the rest of the drivers on the road are being fools today.  Who let them have a license?  Our government needs to buckle down (road pun? haha) and not let these crazies on our streets.  Speaking of government!  Actually, never mind.  I'm not going there. 
Instead I should probably run a load of laundry, or fill up the dishwasher.  Eh.

Haven't we all had those days?  Er, actually, don't we complain - even silently in our thoughts - every day?  Our food wasn't served fast enough, our sleep wasn't good enough, our car isn't cool enough, so-and-so's new album wasn't entertaining enough.  Whatever.  We can complain about it.

I don't really think of myself as a complainer, and compared to some people, I'm probably not.
But I know this:  I have a lot, and I am not nearly as grateful for it all as I should be.

And sometimes it takes a little smack in the face to be reminded.  A group of people from my church have recently gone to Uganda, and started a donation pool to "Give Uganda Water."  Water.  That's the big deal.  Water. 
I have never dreamed of drinking water that was been been soaking in mud, used as a toilet and had dead animals floating through it.

Ha.  No, no, nooo - I need my water perfectly warmed or chilled depending on the activity.  And it better not have a metallic taste to it!

Seriously, how can I complain? Ever?  It's horrible.
The cost of my "good" shampoo can pay for water for a person for life. $23.
The cost of filling up my car, definitely more than $23.
Let's not talk about the cost of my car itself.
Seriously every single part of my life is dripping with blessing!  And somehow I complain.

Construction and traffic?  Oh I'm driving in a machine on paved roads, probably going to buy something or make money somewhere!
Dishes and laundry?  Oh I have food to eat and beautiful clothes to wear, and when I push a button on a machine my dishes and clothes are cleaned! With water!

We have fellow humans, friends and honestly heroes living in downright nasty conditions.  I don't want to make this post an annoying "another cause to support" post.  But I really, really have been so aware of all I have been given, and it's a joy to be able to help someone when you have been given so very much.  If you feel the same way, please consider donating!  100% of the money goes towards putting fresh, healthy water in the mouths of people in Uganda.  No overhead, no percents - all of it goes right to well-building!

Need any more incentive?  If you book me for an engagement shoot this year (until the end of 2009), it will only "cost" water for four people - $92.  I won't even see a penny of it!  I would LOVE to see as much water as possible in Uganda.

Let's help Give Uganda Water!


  1. aww. so sweet.but unfortunately I have no prospect of getting engaged yet. :P

  2. Anonymous30.9.09

    Good for you girl! Water is something we ALL take so for granted.. yet its so vital and important. Good luck raising money!!! :)


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