Tony and Tori - A wedding in MD/VA/DC shot by I'm Kristen

"I need you 
Like water,
Like breath,
Like rain"
-- leanne rimes

August in Maryland is the equivalent to a 14-year-old teeny-bopper who just got dumpped by her "first true love."  It's for the most part predictable - you know it's going to be a mess and kind of miserable.  And then out of nowhere it will be cheery, fresh and lovely! Then BAM! it will fall apart on you and be more severe and crazy then ever.  You just never know what you will get.

Thanks, weather doppler slash sob-story-late-night radio Kristen.  Thanks? Cool...story?
No it's true.  August in Maryland is typically hothothot and humid like you wouldn't believe. 

But for poor, dear Tori our weather went all "I thought he loved me! I HATE him!" on her.  It rained and rained and rained and rained.  The outdoor ceremony and semi-outdoor reception located in the heart of rolling hills was about to get cried upon.  Talk about stress! 

The groomsmen did their pictures in the rain for me (there really was no where else to go :-/)
I pinned boutonnieres while groomsmen ran around carrying chairs and unloading boxes.
In between applying her lipstick, Tori's mom was assembling centerpieces and trying to stay out of the caterer's way.
Umbrella's become almost as important as our lungs and to be quite honest it was a wet, crazy circus.
Inside the one-room-cottage where Tori stayed hidden, her friends and family rallied around her to keep her calm.  It was so sweet to see everyone bend over backwards to help Tori enjoy her day. 

Tori was a gem who handled the craziness with elegance. 
"I just want to be with Tony.  I will marry him in this room.  Just get me married."

As we all patiently waited for that longed for moment, I scooted around the caterers, guests and bridal party to grab some details.  No joke, the effort was worth it - everyone looked like a Marta Stewart ad. 

When it was finally time to go, oh the joy.  It was one of the most truly, genuinely happy "ceremony starts" I have ever seen.

The music played delicately, the leaves of the wet trees shook above us, the drops trickled down, the flowers popped in comparison to the cloudy background, the guests smiled.  Tori looked ridiculously perfect.

And Tony cried.  The world stood still for a few moments.  Everything fell into perspective.  The wet shoes and crowded dance floor (er, altar) didn't make a heap of difference.  Tony was marrying Tori.
His Tori.

As they vowed to love each other and stayed committed in their marriage through "better or worse" everyone couldn't help but know how true those words were.  The vows they made were real and were about each other, not about having an ideal wedding day.

Seriously, Tori. Whoooa.

It was marvelously sweet seeing them light up together. 
Ps.  Is that not a gorgeous wedding?  They should have planned for it to rain!

Oh my laaand how cute and happy is that?! I really love these pictures and love how it's so their wedding: smiles and umbrellas :D

Just as the wedding ended, the sun started to come out!  The rain kept coming down, but man did the golden sun make for a stunning backdrop with the wet trees and pavement!

We started the oh-so-fun process of shooting formals in the rain.  Maybe not my favorite activity of all time?  But I loved how they turned out. 

Definitley a new fave.  Get those ugly boy faces out of there ;D Kidding...kidding...

Awww, a walk in the rain with your love.  With your HUSband!  I support that :D

I love how Tony really knows what to do to cheer her up.  She adores being with him.

As we made our way back down for dinner, we saw this painting of a venue. 
Don't people dream in these colors?

The night ended magically and everyone danced holes into their shoes.  It was SUCH a celebration! 
And Tony and Tori were married. 
Good day.  Good day indeed :D


  1. Dancing in the rain with your love, so romantic, we need more brides like these, you also handled it beautifully producing these great images in wet circumstances...

  2. You did a great job in Jamie Delaine weather...beautiful work!

  3. Anonymous10.9.09

    Ohh Kristen I love the beautiful bride & groom photos in the rain with the umbrella. So romantic! :)

  4. Oh, wow! I love their colors, and how everyone pulled it off so well! Beautiful pictures, Kristen! =)

  5. HAHAHHAa. Jamie Delaine weather?! HILARIOUSSSSSS.

  6. Oh my land is right! So beautiful...Kristen, you truly amaze me with your words and imagery. Tori's dress is TO DIE FOR by the way...I hope to look at least half as good as she did when I get married...she is gorgeous!

  7. Anonymous11.9.09

    Hey this is Nicole, greetings all the way from melbourne Australia!

    Love your picstures and blog =D

  8. Your pictures and your words were beautiful. You caught their moments so beautifully, and they look so happy and in love (despite all the rain, which made for some cuuute pics:))
    <3 xxx

  9. These are gorgeous! I do love the one of the groomsmen jumping; I think it's fantabulous!


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