Charles and Emily - Wedding

Dancin' in your wooden shoes
In a wedding gown
Are you happy now?
-- when the stars go blue
It was "stretch and bathroom break" time in the middle of our long history class.  Emily, Lydia, Courtney and I loved "stretch and bathroom break" time.  In our ill-fitting private-school-logo-embroidered polo shirts, horrible khaki pants and make-up-less faces we giggled and stretched our way down the hall, as all cool highschool girls do. 
"Guuuuys! Guuuys.  My dad said something to me about a guy asking me out last night!" Lydia and I rushed through the bathroom door, letting it slam on Courtney trailing behind us.  We had to hear this story about Emily and boy - especially since she never talked about boys.  "Ok, well, he didn't say anyone asked me out.  He just wanted to know what I would do. BUT can you imagine?!" 
We did our very best to imagine Emily dating.  Hahahahaa aaaaaw.  Little Emily.  That'd be cute.
Emily was a little package of naive joy.  So innocent, always thinking the best of others.  If she were to make a sarcastic joke, it would be followed with an immediate "I'm sorry!  I was joking. You know I was joking right? I really was.  I was really joking. I'm so so sorry."  Usually a phone call, note or e-mail would happen later in the day to apologize again. 
Most of Emily's life in school was spent doing two things: laughing or forgetting her question.  If that pattern continued in being a girlfriend, I could picture some amazing dates. 
Boy: "Hi Emily!"
Emily: "Hahahahahah!"
Boy: "Did you have a good day?"
Emily: "I DID! hahaha Did you...oh dear. Ooooh no. Come back *hits forehead with fist* Ooooh maaan!  What was my question?
Boy: We--
Emily: "OH! Did you have a good day?! I remember!"
I have good news, everyone.
Emily made it through highschool, made it through being asked out, made it through being a girlfriend, made it through engagement and two weeks ago she got married.
Little joyful, apologetic, excited, laugh-y Emily.  Our little highschool bestie who wears moccasins, watches Jane Austen movies and writes papers about bear cubs.
Our Emily who was the last to get her drivers license, who is the Queen of Baby-sitting and who always had colorful pens in her school bag.
She's a wife now.  She went out, met a boy, fell in love, put on a ring and promised "to have and to hold" that boy forever.  In some ways in seems like nothing more normal has ever happened, and in others I can't believe it really happened!  Emily! You are married. Wow, hasn't God been good.
I love seeing you in the arms of your husband.
I love watching him hold you.
I love when he talks and you stare at him, smiling.
I love that Charles is your husband and that you get to be married to him.
He's a good good man and you are an amazing girl.
(I'm not ready to call you a woman yet -- maybe when the rest of us are married we can be women ;D  I still think we are college-age girls...haha)

I hope you treasure these first few days, weeks and months of being married.
I hope that every time he comes home from work, your heart will beat a bit faster.
I hope each time you get to cuddle with your husband, you fall for him a little more.
I hope your adorable apartment is filled with laughter and memories.
And I hope you don't take any of it for granted - God has been so kind.

When those gloomy, quiet, sad and hard days come, I hope you can look back and see how God has proven Himself faithful.  He has proven His love to you not only by giving you this man, but by rescuing you and preparing you a home in heaven. Oh how He loves you!

And I am counting on you to find the rest of us some great guys ;D 

We love you Emily Puglisi!

Special thanks to Emily Hayes who shot the wedding with me!  Since I was a bridesmaid, I couldn't shoot the whole event (Duh.)  and Emily Hayes was a dear and shot with/for me!


  1. Oh thank you thank you thank you!

    we are so grateful for you!



  2. Bethany LaBarge14.9.09

    LOVE them!!! Soo cute!

  3. Awwww... How sweet!

    The pictures are all so beautiful!


  4. Wow! What an awesome post :).. The photos are incredible! I love the feel of them -- soooo beautiful!

  5. LOVING these!!!!
    4th from last with Em looking at the camera - ahhh! LOVE!
    seriously, the puglisis are so awesome & way too cute and you totally captured that! : ) : )

  6. "KELLEY! um, i have a question!" (waving hand vigorously even though there were only like, six of you.)
    "Yes, Em?"
    "ohhhh ummm... heeheehee I forgot!"
    "Ok then, back to What Does He Say About Himself..."

    ah those were the days. and now she's all grown up and getting married and stuff. Great pictures, Kristen!

  7. yay =)

    wow we have so many memories of all of us back in the day. hahaha thanks for remembering EVERYTHING and sharing it w/ us :)

    the pics are great too!

  8. Sooooo cute! I love things like that. =) Great job! 8D

  9. oh they are gorgeous. AHH! EMILY IS MARRIED!!


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