Jason and Melinda - Married

"Confetti falling down all night
She's my kind of rain"
-- tim mcgraw

Who remembers Joe and Janette? Here's the scoop.
J & J have these awesome, married friends named Jason and Melanie.
Jason and Melinda are adorable, hysterical and madly in love.

However, they had a really, really bad photographer for their wedding (6 years ago).
They don't like the pictures, but even worse he was a criminal posing as a photographer. WAY sad.

Jason knew how badly his dear wife wanted good pictures of them together.
He pulled an Extra Awesome Husband Card out of his stash and gave me a call.
Since they were in town for J&J's wedding, it worked perfectly to meet up and do a fun "married" session!

They met 9 years ago at a restaurant where they both worked.
Melinda was new in town and wanted to find a good church to go to.
Jason was more than happy to bring her to church. What a saint.

"Did you like her right away?" I asked.
"Ha. OOoooh yeah. Yes. Yes I did." Jason smiled back.
"Haha nice! Melinda, did you like him right away?" I asked.
In her happy, high-pitched little voice "Mmmm! Uh huh! I very much did. We really have been together ever since."

Wa-la! Walk into work one day and then spend forever with the one you love. Sounds like a plan to me!

Goodness do they fit perfectly together. They laugh and tease, smile and roll in the grass. They skip and make little animal noises. In fact, here are their "cweatures." Cweatures walk all over the place and sometimes jump on each other.

I just really, really love laughing. And watching people laugh.

I guess kisses at sunset are alright too ;D

Waaaatch out! Look at these little fashionistas!

A little different, but I love the feel of this one :D


Aw, doesn't he look all manly with his gorgeous wifey in his arms?
And, sheesh, Melinda. You are SO gorgeous!

And the grand finale will be a little secret :D
(He told her her dogs were drowning. SO awful! haha but funny ;D)

You two were great and if I am ever in your area I will def have to stop by and say hello!


  1. Wow, they are WAY cute!! And I just adore the black & white you said was a bit different, its beautiful! :)

  2. First and last: brilliant.

  3. love the way these came out! great job m'dear! those two are too cute!

  4. KRISTEN!!!!
    Omgosh that shoot is on my street!! Like one of the houses is like 3 down from my house! That is so crazy! Do me a favor and tell me next time you come to Frederick! :D

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  6. As always----I like the pictures very much; the last one being my favorite.


  7. Anonymous17.8.09

    Wow, those are all SO good!! I mean, as always. (I've been through like all your posts since 2007) What camera do you have?

    -Rachel Clarke

  8. Awsome! They are all sooo wonderful.


  9. Hi Kristen-
    I have to admit, I'm normally a lurker more than a commenter here but these are too amazing to not speak up! :) Beautiful BEAUTIFUL.

  10. Anonymous17.8.09

    These are great! That's honestly so crazy that anyone would even think of posing as a photographer but is really a criminal, where do these weirdos come from?! Really sad for them. But you certainly made up for it! Love the one with the teal brick background:)

  11. How ADORABLE!!!!

  12. I can't help but smile looking at these. They radiate joy and happiness!

  13. these are all so perfect!! i really love the one that is cropped and they are holding hands... so cute. i love how his red shirt matches her red shoes in that shot. too cute!! :) beautiful work, as always!!

  14. Anonymous25.8.09

    Kristen, you're amazing! I absolutely love this shoot! And your blog's new look. SO you. And, as you know, I love you.

    Keep it up girlfriend.


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