So, since I have left you to wait for days and days, I can officially announce the winner of the "contest" from the last post.

First, here is the answer:

The "new" blog item was: My Logo
My favorite Taylor Swift song is: Tim McGraw
Aaaand my favorite state is: California!

Congratulations to Peeeeter Bang! First one to guess it right :D
Let me know if you want an iTunes or Starbucks card :D

Meanwhile, The Interns and I have been having a ball. Shoots everyday, early mornings, late nights and pretty much the best pictures your eyeballs have seen - it's been good times. This is Ica (who has an AMAZING new logo and business name! I'm SO jealous!) and Julia (who is from Minnesota and is the easiest girl to work with! Ever!)

(And the cute Texan with the pizza is Jessica - she's just adorb. My adorb is jealous of her adorb.)
I've been treating them right and showing off Maryland to them - the countryside, downtown Frederick, Urbana's county carnival and last night we went to the hip and artsy Adams Morgan.

If you are ever in the area, you MUST stop at Pizza Mart for a slice of pizza that is about as tall as a kindergartner. And it is SO delicious.

Here we are, on a glorious cellphone picture.
Would you call me a failure if I told you that three days in, and this is the only group shot we have? Please don't, cause its true.

Make sure you check out their awesome new blogs!
Julia Mary
Jessica Shae
Ica Images


  1. haha, no way! that was a wild guess. i'd like an iTunes gift card so I can buy some Taylor Swift songs, thank you;)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. all of you ladies are lovely! maybe Kristen decided everyone of her interns had to be cute too haha! We had a great time taking pics with you all yesterday! Best of luck to you each of you! PS - Kristen, I think you are like the most photogenic person ever!!

  4. Anonymous16.7.09

    Such cute pics! Ohhh I am so madly jealous of them! hehe... No really you are amazing, I know they are gonna learn so much from you! :) Glad to see you are all having so much fun together!!

  5. Awww! Looks like they are all having an amazing time! :) I'm dying to do something like this next year or in a few years. It seems like it would be fun!

  6. You guys are all so darn cute together! And for a cell phone, that's a pretty cute pic!

  7. Yay for internship!!!! I still laugh every time I see that first picture of me....my hand! hahahaha

  8. Looks like you all had fun!!

  9. who is that fat guy in a "Natinals" shirt? they stink!

    and please don't delete my comments (j/k! I don't know who that was...)

  10. you never did our internpost!! :'(


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