My Friends

I am sitting here in San Francisco, watching Cake Boss with my two friends.
I write a sentence then backspace. I scroll the pictures again. I type a sentence. Backspace. Scroll. Jump on the bed during the commercials and make fun of Jamie. Type. Backspace. Scroll.

It's been a wonderful six days. In case you didn't know, I flew to San Francisco (ps. the airport code for SanFran is SFO not SOF -- SOF is Sophia, Bulgaria and I almost booked my flight there. Bad news bears) and met up with Jamie Delaine and Sarah Barlow. We roadtripped to Santa Barbara and stayed with David Jay for ShowIt July 4th festivities :D

Yesterday we drove up The One (and we met The One. And drank Pepsi One. haha joke joke) to Carmel. If you have never taken that two lane road down the coast, I think I will pay for you to be able to. You just gasp at the beauty. I can't even describe it (pictures to come :D). It seriously made me love God more just looking around for those two hours.

Speaking of loving God more... Wow. He just fascinates me daily. It's not like I needed better friends - in quantity or quality. Really! I have been blessed with many wonderful friends back home. I mean, hey! I am one of seven kids! I am surrounded by great people all the time!

And yet God chooses to bless with me with these two lives. One life who takes residence in Vancouver, BC (wasn't that proper of me, Jamie?) and another life who parties like a rockstar's cousin in Nashville

I love them.
I just do.
I love how Jamie has a wailing, long laugh.
I love how she has to visit the restroom every 20 minutes.
I love how she is straight forward, direct and focused.
I extra love when she gets out of "work mode" and crosses her short little legs and rolls around in her seat laughing at the stupidest statement from Sarah and I.
I love how she uses her talents excellently, how she uses her time efficiently and is a joy to be with.

I love how Sarah laughs like a 6-year-old flirting, high pitched and fast giggles.
I love how she bounces up and down whenever "fun" songs come on.
I love how she gets so passionate about whatever she believes (including that suncreen causes skin cancer and that kidney beans go straight to your kidneys - since they are the same shape. No joke. She was dead serious.)
I love how she wants to spend her life reaching out to people and sharing the joy and love of Jesus!

To me Jamie shows so much of our Savior's order and peace. She is so disciplined, diligent and hard-working. She does things with all excellence and it points to God.
Sarah shows the Savior's joy. She is tender and loves to focus on others. She does things with a beaming smile, with lots of passion and energy.

When we are together, we bring out all those qualities in each other. We laugh, and we work. We giggle, and we tease. We are silent in moments of hilarity and also in moments of serious conversation. We are open and vulnerable with each other. What you see is what you get!

It's so refreshing and uplifting to me to have really only seen these girls a handful of days in my entire life, and yet have such a deep bond.

Jamie Small Bladder Delaine. You are hot, you are going to marry Reid Rosenthal and thanks for telling me my blog layout stinks. I'm on it.

Sarah Can't Run After Travel Barlow. You are hot, you are going to marry Matt Costa and please don't put your website up yet because it's going to make mine cry!

Carrot Top. Thanks for being a gentleman and letting me get on the elevator before you, and holding the door open so my friend could get on. You weirder looking in person, but also kind! (Yes, def saw him in the San Francisco airport. It's always good to have a "Praise God for friends" post go with "I spotted a celebrity" post. Keeps it classy?)

Ok, little travel bee me is going to get in bed now. I fly all day tomorrow. I don't know when I will see these dear ladies next, but man has it been good. I hope everyone has friends like I do :D


  1. i liked this post.
    so very sweet.

  2. You girls are just lovely!! P.S. I too am a believer that sunblock can cause cancer =)

  3. Anonymous8.7.09

    You girls have to much fun!!! I love it! Oh oh oh, and one more believer here that sunblock causes cancer too!! hehe...

  4. I am very afraid of Carrot Top. I might have nightmares now. But at least he holds elevator doors open, that's kind.

  5. you are super cute...its def a blessing to have great friends!

  6. Love it....looks like you all had a blast.
    I soooo want to do that same drive someday, it's on my "dream list" in fact. :)

    Counting down the days... !!!

  7. I think the God factor breaks down walls and creates bonds. It's so lovely to have friends who believe what you do.

    I am so happy that Jamie and Sarah are such great friends to you as I am sure you are to them!


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