Jonathan and Susie

I heard a message once by R.C Sproul and he talked a bit about his wife on the day they got married.
"When I saw her coming down the aisle to me, I felt like she was royalty. A queen."
That sentence struck my little love chord and I remembered it. I think husbands should treat their wives like royalty - delicately, respectfully, honorably, gently and magnificently.

Jonathan, the now husband of little lovely Susie, treats Susie like royalty. He truly does. In all the weddings I have shot, I think I would be hard pressed to find a man who treated his bride better.

But I rush ahead of myself, as always :D Two weeks ago I second shot for my best friend Lydia.
Back in February, Lydia called me and left me a six-minute long message that began with this "Kristen, you have to shoot this wedding with me!" The rest of the message was Lydia reading to me the falling-in-love and proposal story of her new couple, Jonathan and Suzy.

Just a brief version is that Jonathan planned to take Susie to the top of a mountain, where a picnic, album of their relationship, flowers and candles awaited them. On the way up the mountain 5-foot-tall Susie didn't feel well. Jonathan scooped her up and carried her up the rest of the mountain.
Like, really.
Really. I am going to be ruined for men if I keep hearing stories like this. How precious is that?

I promptly called Lydia back and told her I would absolutely shoot the quaint, adorable, farm wedding with her. I was intrigued -- is this couple too good to be true?

Internet, they are real. They are as cute as they seem and they really are real.
Here is an example of the cute that they are. After Suzy had gotten her dress on, we headed upstairs to take pictures. Lyd was counting bridesmaids and someone was looking for the bouquets.
All of a sudden I hear this little squeeeeeal! of delight behind me. Then a soft "clunkclunkclunkclunkclunk" of heels. I turn around to see Susie twirling on the dance floor, spinning her dress, grinning ear-to-ear. All alone. Just enjoying the moment as a bride.

Another precious moment was when Susie's dad came to see her for the first time. They talked alone, and prayed together. It always brings tears to my eyes when I see dad's with their baby girls as brides.

Wedding day could not have been more stunning. Even though it was gloomy and even raining before the ceremony, it ended up being just glorious out!

Here are some "second shooter" details from the ceremony:

Now it's looOooove bird time!

One of my favorite songs in the world is "Little Moments" by Brad Paisley and this line always gets me:
When she steals my heart again
And doesn't even know it,
Yeah, I live for little moments like that

Throughout the day, thats what seemed like kept happening.
Susie just had this way of stealing Jonathan's heart over and over again.
While she was giggling, while she was looking at a bird fly by, while she was singing a little song about sunshine.

It was ridiculously cute. I could have watched them together for hours. If they were the stars of a movie, I would see the movie opening night, and go again the next day and pre-order my DVD copy.

He carried her again :D :D :D Oooh my my my.

Jonathan and Susie, I have no words to let you know how excited I am that God has brought you together! You are going to have an amazing life, serving and glorifying Him!

And Lydia, thank you for bringing me along :D


  1. Anonymous10.7.09

    Omg!!! So mushy and adorable! The pics where he is holding her are so sweet. What a cute couple and gorgeous photos as always :) I LOVE the bouquets! those are so pretty :)

  2. oh my word!! They are just SO precious!! Fantastic job capturing these cute little moments!

  3. Aw, so sweet! Beautiful job dear. Absolutely lovely.

  4. these are soo good. i love them!!

  5. Oh, WOW! I love it! The dress, the flowers, the location, the dancing, how amazing the groom is, the pictures. Beauuuuutiful day for a wedding! =)

  6. Oh, WOW! I love it! The dress, the flowers, the location, the dancing, how amazing the groom is, the pictures. Beauuuuutiful day for a wedding! =)

  7. WOW! You are an AMAZING photographer!!! I stand in awe :D

  8. Kristen!

    We are already totally blown away with the photos we have seen - and it was just a blast getting to meet and hang out with you both! Thank you so much for shooting at our wedding! Thanks too for posting these amazing shots and the sweet, kind, and totally exaggerated things you wrote about us! We couldn't live up to half of that! ; D Praise God that He is so kind to sinners like us...we are very much in love - but very much human and in need of His daily grace and mercy...

    Blessings to you and Lydia! Please send our greetings and thanks!

    Jonathan and Susie Hughes

  9. just a side note...yes, she is still stealing my heart over and over again....


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