Abs and Sarah - Wedding

"If I was a flower growing wild and free
All I'd want is you to be my sweet honey bee."
- barry polisar

Sarah and Abs are my little goofball couple.  They really are.
Like cartoons!  They are SO funny!
Except that they are gorgeous, with amazing taste.
So, when you find a cartoon series like that, let me know.  Because that's what they are like.
(ps. Aren't her green Charles by Charles David shoes fantastic?!)

Their wedding took place at the awesomely fab Torpedo Art Gallery in Alexandria, VA.  Laura Auer of Wish Special Events coordinated the day and it was simply perfect!

The moments before the wedding was filled with inside jokes, ripped dresses, "Maybe Jooo-lisa, Always the same, That's not my name!" and big, gorgeous smiles.

Wooo-eee!  What a drop-dead-stunning group of ladies.
(And really, really they were SO funny!)

Sarah could not have looked more beautiful.  Plus, her attitude all day was so calm, excited and wonderful.  She was the opposite of Bridezilla.  She was beaming :D

I'm pretty sure that all the people who were walking around the pier in Alexandria were trying to figure out which celebrity Sarah was.   "There is a celebrity wedding today!" Nope, just gorgeous Sarah's wedding!

Pffft. I'm already bridesmaid jealous.  So won't look as great as these girls when I am a bridesmaid next month! Oh well hehe

This was great - an awesome guitar player started singing a wedding song for Sarah as she walked back into the gallery.
"Ooooh, have a greeeaat weeeedding!
It's beautiful today and your weeedding!"

Aaaand back to the hysterical-cartoon part ;D
By the way, Abs and his groomsmen were some of the kindest gentleman ever at a wedding.  They listened to what I said and were so helpful!  Thanks guys!

And now it's wedding time!
During the ceremony they had a very adorable poem read.  You should read it too:

"I wrote a good omelet,
And ate a hot poem,
After loving you.

Buttoned my car, 
And drove my coat home, in the rain, 
After loving you"
"I goed on red, and stopped on green,
Floating somewhere in between, 
Being here and being there,
After loving you."
"I rolled my bed, turned down my hair
Slightly confused, but I don't care.
Laid out my teeth and gargled my gown,
Then I stood and laid me down to sleep,
After loving you."
I wish I could shoot married couples every day. It's absolutely wonderful.

Especially awesome couples. Awesome cartoon-like couples with excellent taste who like adorable poems and make hysterical faces. Hahah Oh they make me laugh.

Mr. Random Stranger wanted a quick pic. Um, ok?

A little dark romantic blur never hurt anyone :D

MmmmMmm, yes please!

And then the ridiculously awesome details (Thanks again Laura!)

I'm missing words again - I don't know what to say! Aaah!
Mi bella fantastica woopwoop amamamzing!

The reception had delicious food brought to us by: Windows Catering Company! Yummmmy!
And there were also very heart-felt, meaningful toasts where the idea of "home" was echoed time and time again. It was very sweet :D

And we will end the post with Sarah and Abs just being themselves on the dance floor. Love it:

Congratulations Sarah and Abs!  Thanks for letting me celebrate with you - you both are awesome :D


  1. Awesome! I remember her from another wedding and she's was totally cool and fun.

  2. Mmmmmmm dreamy creamy images and a totally awesome couple = super duper.

  3. CUUUTE! Great job!

    fyi... your link to Laura doesn't work ;)

  4. How awesome are these images!! I wish I could take credit for all the stunning details but Sarah was the mastermind. I thought she did a great job!

    It was really great working with you!!

  5. We love these pics, Kristen! Great work, as always. We can't wait for the rest of them!

  6. I LOVE the name cards and adore the group shots. You are so talented!

  7. I LOVE these. My favourite is the back shot of them, in front of a boat (I think)...

  8. The one where they are walking away from the cam together is just sooo beautiful! They ALL are! Great job! They seem like a fun couple. 8D 8D

  9. Wow! These are fantastic! I'm so glad they chose you to do the photography. Can't wait to see the rest, and of course, we want several of these...

  10. Anonymous2.8.09

    Wow, these are awesome pictures! I found your blog about a week ago, and have gone through many of the old archives. I read you didn't like it when people read your blog and didn't tell you, so, now you know I read your blog. ;)
    I love LOVE your artwork, I want to do the same stuff when I'm older.

    Looking forward to your next post!

    -Rachel Clarke in OH

    P.S. What kind of camera do you have?


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