The Petersons!

When I was visiting my dear new bestie, Jamie Delaine, I was asked to take some family portraits. Always scary to shoot another photographer :-/
But I was excited because I completely heart the Peterson family and had a great time!

Heyheeey, I can be artsy sometimes if I want ;D

There was this amazing frame of a barn that we used for some pictures. Good times in that barn, eh?

Awwww! Cute!

Jamie, when you come to see me, you can shoot the nine Snyders? I miss you something awful!


  1. ohh man. that first one is beautiful.

  2. Jamie's lil bro should model for Levis! True story. :D

  3. Thanks Kristennnn!! I love them! Thanks so much again! :) We're so thankfulllll. Psh, yes. I've done 8 Butts, so I can do 9 Snyders. ;)

  4. Love the b&w picture!

  5. Anonymous12.6.09

    I love the first too! Beautiful. :) I just love that yummy warm lighting!

  6. psh...such a good lookin' family. :)

  7. Lois Peterson13.6.09

    Hey Kristen - thanks so much for doing this for us and for this posting. Hey, I didn't realize we were so cute!!! Must be your photog skills! These are the first I've seen as Jamie hasn't had time to edit her copies yet. It was great to meet you!

  8. helloo kirsten!
    i'm waving all 10 fingers right now actually :D
    my name is ci and I'm a fellow blogger, fellow photographer and fellow's been so great getting to see your pictures on your blog; you are just So Super.full stop.
    just a quick note to let you know that your shots make me even more vividly aware of the beautiful and awesome world and people our even more awesome God has blessed us with. isn't it?

    so, all the best; and GO ON CLICKING THE SHUTTER BUTTON!!

    In His love,

  9. :D I love, love, love, love, love the last b/w photo! They are all super happy!


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