Jamie Delaine and Vancouver!

If you have been around the photography world the last year or so, you have for sure heard of the quite-popular and quite-lovely, Jamie Delaine.  She's an 18-year-old wonderwoman of a photographer who is an incredible business woman.

I mean, I'm not gonna lie, I feel like my business has been going great for only being 19!  But, yeah, I'm like an infant with a binkie and polka-dot blanket going "Mama! Up! Mama!" and getting claps from the grandparents compared to Jamie.  She's unbelievable.  

But, there is more to her then her mad skills.  She has become such a dear friend.  Even though this is only our second time meeting in person (First time was in Vegas. Cause we are par-tay animals? Ha. No. Def not.) I feel like she's a long time best friend.  

I flew into her land, Canada, two days ago (Quick story. I actually flew into Bellingham, WA which I thought was Canada. It's not?  Whatever I was homeschooled ;D).  We've been having too much fun.  And boy is she wearing me out!  We started our day with a hot 4 mile run and then headed to the wonderful city of Vancouver!  (For some reason whenever I type "Vancouver" I also mess up and write "Vanvouver." hahah That just makes me laugh. "Van Vou Ver!" haaa oh goodness.)

Anyways, we ate, walked, photographed things, ferry-ed around in the water and had some fun.  Vanvouver is such a clean, peaceful, nice city.  I would def love to come back and see more!

A highlight of my day was getting some Canadian money.  It's SO cute! I don't love these pictures of me.  I think I look like egg-nog. Human egg-nog. Oh well.  Treasure the moment?

It makes me feel better that Jamie did her ham pose for this one.  We are the perfect Christmas dinner?

I need to go to bed now (Jamie is already nestled in bed giving me all the "cues" to go to sleep myself. Lights are off. Room is silent. I gotta go - don't want to upset Lady Jamie Delaine! haha)

Oh! If you want to see some more pics and read some more of our adventures, check out her blog here :D

Ok. The end.


  1. Aww you two are so funny and young. I hope you have a blast together, I enjoy your posts, kind of escape my mommyhood and feel young again! keep the good work, I aspire to be like you photogs someday. ;o) SO FUN!

  2. I love the city of Vancouver. It's so beautiful - and you're right - clean! I can't wait to go back.

  3. Anonymous10.6.09

    For some reason I had no idea you were that young. Are you seriously 19? Wow that is so incredible, I wanna be like you when I grow up!! hehe.

  4. Bethany LaBarge22.6.09

    I love that you use "I was homeschooled" as an excuse!!! So do i! HAHA
    Gotta love it!


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