For Daddy-O :D

So, probably no one will watch the slideshow or read this whole post, except for my dad. And that's cool with me because that's who it's for.

Dad, you know I love you so much, but it's great to have another chance to say it. I.LOVE.YOU.
God knew what He was doing when He made you my father and I will love being your daughter.

Enjoy this slideshow I made for you :D

PS. Today begins a "7 in 7" posting week for me! Seven posts. Seven days. Guaranteed (Watch out, Billy Mays, I can guarantee a mean guarantee)


  1. That is soooo pretty and sweet! I love it! Great job! =)

  2. awwww. I can't say anything else.
    except that your sisters are SOO cute-- but you must have been told that a million times already :)


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