Fay and Andy

"make me feel good when i hurt so bad.
best that i've had.
im so glad that i found you.
i love bein around you."
--plain white tees

Both Andy and Fay are both sweet and tender. They aren't one of those couples who are "total and complete opposites." There isn't one crazy, loud, rambunctious one and a timid, shy, steady one. I like it :D

I like it because they really have this unique, genuine care for each other. They completely "get" each other in a way no one else. It's so precious.

Happily, the both have an aaaaamazing sense of humor (I mean, they thought I was pretty funny ;D)

They did a first look (and let ME pick anywhere I wanted to do the pictures! YAYYAY. I loooove it when a bride can totally trust me! And when they feel completely comfortable being in front of the camera)

Here is a fun little shot right before the ceremony:

And here is a fun little shot during the ceremony: (I really love this one)

And since Fay, Andy and their gentle, caring love wanted more pictures, we go to do some outside after the ceremony as well!

They. Are. SO. Cute.

The toasts were quite funny (as toasts should be)

And they just made cute faces during the toasts. Too much cute for me.

Thank you Fay and Andy for having me. You were maaaaarveluos and I would do your wedding every weekend if I could!


  1. hey kristen!
    great pix and thanks SO much for letting me shoot with you!

  2. isn't it weird when bridesmaids stalk the website and tell you that photos are up BEFORE the photographer tells you herself? kristen, your photos are beautiful and it's easy to see why you have so many followers =)

  3. kristen, the photos turned out so beautiful!! i love the slide show!

    can't wait to share them with all my friends :)

  4. Love these pics, Kristen! I had so much fun today watching you put the slideshow together!

  5. these are all gorgeous kristin! :D it was so fun and interesting watching you put everything together today!

  6. george yao17.6.09

    Dear Fay and Andy:
    I am so glad to see you both finally get together so happily. Remember this moment and the blessings you have received especially when hardship comes to life and you both will have to tackle it together. Wish the best of all to you two.

  7. wow. these are so good!!

    i really wanted to do your intern thing, but it didn't work out. we should still get together though.... :D

    looove you!!

  8. LOVE your pictures, Kristen!!! Your style is so cute and your pictures are so FAB!!


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