Kelley Park - Year 4

Once upon a time there were three best friends on a hot summer day.

The summer day was in May 2006. And May 2007. And May 2008. And May 2009.

For the fourth year in a row, right when school ends, my best friends and I have a photoshoot at Kelley Park.

Four whole years. I remember the first shoot so well. I remember what I did that day, who I saw, what I was struggling with in life, what my concerns were and what my hopes were.

Other than my mom and dad, no two people have been more supportive and "there" for me the last four years.
I just love them so so much :D

They have made me laugh too hard. Like, I am now ruined for humor because nothing is as funny as being with those two.

It's been a crazy four years, and we can't wait to see what the next four bring.
We joke about who will be the first one to bring their boyfriend to this shoot. Or the first one to have an engagement ring at this shoot. Or the first one to not be able to lay down under the swings because they are pregnant.

I love that I get to live life with you girls!

Ps. Props to our photographer, Ciera. She's visiting from San Diego!


  1. the pregnant line is my favorite thing you've ever written. haha :D

    psh. you all are way to pretty... :)

  2. goodness. I love you three. what a sweet sweet friendship you share. :-)

  3. the way things are progressing you girls are going to be blindingly radiantly beautiful in 5 years. in each pic ya'll get prettier!! XOXOXOX to all three of you. these pictures brought joy to my heart as i slave away in my cubicle in College park...

  4. kristen and lyd. i don't deserve friends like you.


    ~the odd third one =)

  5. aw! That's so fun. :)

    You girls are wonderful.

  6. i never get to go on cool photo shoots with you guys.... lame! I love you all tho

  7. I love it! What a great idea to have such precious times with your best friends and photos to capture it. Your line about one of you being pregnant for a future shoot is funny. I don't know how it's possible...but you three keep getting prettier each year - God's grace...I know you all are beautiful on the inside and out :)

  8. how awesome! nothing better than to have true best friends to share life with.

  9. Hi! I am writing a book and I need a cover! I need three -teen-tween girls! Would you mind if I use one of the pictures? Or would they mind! Thanks a bunch! ~Kate


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