Dan and Jen :D

"You’re all smiles and silly conversation
As if this sunny day came just for you"

-- chris rice

Oh goodness. Dan and Jen - what an adorable couple. What to say.
Let's just say that Jen had to take Nyquil the night before our shoot because she was so excited and couldn't sleep! Aka: I basically love them :D

Jen lives life out loud - she has a lot to say, a lot to laugh at, and a lot to smile about. She's a contagiously joyful person. She even brought me a little gift bag with a necklace, headband and other goodies - just to say thanks! She is full of energy and I love it!

Dan is the calm, steady, gentle rock. He's a sweeeeetheart and just adores Jen. I love when you can tell a guy loves a girl just by how he looks at her. Dan has "in-love-eyes."

I love how summer these pictures are :D It was the first actually hot day this year and I looove it. Summertime sweethearts :D

Since Dan & Jen are awesome in every way, we did the rest of the shoot at a No Trespassing construction site. (Of course Jen ran through the gate first, and Dan reminded us that "Violators will be prosecuted" - but I think that means they will be a good team :D)

Ok, that face is just too precious.

Awwhh. Big hugs from your girl :D

Besides web-sharpening, this is staight out of camera! Yay good light!

I love random. And I love love. So this picture equals love!

Gorgeous and simple :D

Exihibit A: Why construction sites are awesome for photoshoots:

Jen, you really are beautiful. Dan is a lucky man :D

"So happppy togetherrr...!"


Three cheers for balloons! Hip hip hooray!
Hip hip HOORAY!
Hip hip HOORAY!

Prob my fave:

You guys were a blast! I can't wait for your wedding :D :D

Oh! And the slideshow is to the song "When Did You Fall" by Chris Rice. Apparently, being the romantic gentleman that he is, Dan grabbed Jen in the middle of the mall and started dancing with her to this song. So, it's def a special song for them. Enjoy!


  1. The balloons are such a cute touch!

  2. adorable. i have the most awesomest sister ever. and her fiance is pretty kool too. :)
    love these pics. esp the construction site ones.

  3. Anonymous19.4.09

    oh my gosh these are gorgeous!

  4. I adore the young love. Your photographs are so carefree, genuine and just are too sweet.. really sweet like what the word means.. not like sweeeeeeet ( surfer dude style! ) I'm glad i found your blog, its refreshing and gives me hope!

  5. Jen and Dan = my favorite. :)

    Great job Kristen!

  6. ummm...you are amazing! These pics made me smile. They are too cute and i especially love the big squeeze pictures :)

  7. Smiles and silly conversation.
    Mmm... Good song.
    Your blog makes me so excited for love. :)

  8. they are my FAVORITE.
    they are the BEST.
    I LOVE them. :D

  9. Love love love love love love (times a million) these pictures, Kristen!

  10. I love these! The colors are excellent. I like how happy they both are. You did a great job capturing their joy!
    BTW, I am from a Sovereign Grace church, Cornerstone, in Knoxville, Tn. My dad is one of the pastors. (He attended the 06-07 Pastors College and we lived down the road from the Lotinsky's) I must say I have been tracking your blog (and journeys there of) since then. I would love to meet you sometime! In fact I saw you briefly one time at a movie night at Olivia Maldonado's home. Sorry for such a long comment!

  11. holy COW I love these!!!

  12. What a cutie girl! She's adorable! Love the pics!


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