Chris and Connie

"Some people want it all
But I don't want nothing at all
If it ain't you baby"
-- alicia keys

Crazyness. Life is cararazyness! Yesterday (bright and early!) I shot Connie and Chris's engagement shoot. Why is that crazy?

Well, Connie was my 6th grade Art teacher. ART.
Let's just say neither of us would have imagined in the wildest of imaginings that she would ever be hiring me to do art for her. Pah.

I was horrible at art (Well. I still am. Besides photography. At least I hope besides photography.) Even crazier is that I had a dream about her getting married when I was in 8th grade. I remember it so well and I even told her about it. Well, look at life now! Hasn't God done good things? Art things and love things. It's great :D

I am so thrilled that these two get to spend forever together. Connie is full of ideas, laughs really hard (and kind of bops up and down when she laughs - its too cute) and has gorgeous blue eyes. Chris is so easy to have around, compliments Connie too well and also has nice dance moves!

I can't wait for their summer wedding - that is going to include red tulips, a vineyard, Caribbean food and summer stars. Yes please!

Connie loves color. And by "loves" I mean adores. She can see colors that no one else can. You think that's just two shades of green. Wrong! Connie can see 12 shades. And don't you dare use white paint to get those shades, either ;D

More colors. And more cute.


This pic was Connie's idea - she drew me a little sketch. Love how it came out!

I love the sweet gentle-ness of this one:

Tickle time!!!

And one last color pop!

You guys were so fun and I can't wait for your wedddddding!
{slideshow coming...}


  1. Kristen, I think this is one of your best engagement shoots! I love all the colors, the cute interaction you captured, and all the fun and different ideas!

  2. GASP! i love these! so different, artsy, and fun :D

  3. oh yay! these are so awesome! connie looks so beautiful!
    excellent job, kristen!!!!

  4. Loove the color pops, and the balloons! I think it's funny she drew you a sketch. =D

  5. Holy moly, what a sweet location - gorgeous colors!

  6. Christine Gallegos24.4.09

    Absolutely amazing photos!! So much love and "fun" shows through each and every picture - even those that don't show their faces show the intensity of how they are already "one". Thank you so much for allowing everyone to see the love that we have always known in our niece/god-daughter's face and personality. We can't wait for the wedding! We will be there!
    Christy and Robert Gallegos

  7. I LOVE the balloon shots & the yellow wall shot!!

  8. Anonymous25.4.09

    Ohh I just LOVE all the bright colors in this shoot! So cute. :-) I love the street with all the cute stores on it too.. what a nice place to shoot!! :) hehe


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