WPPI Highlights III

Alrighty. I am finally wrapping up my Vegas posts.
But first, a little video on some thoughts I have on drivers back here at home :D It's cute cause people in California are like the Cowardly Lion's of the driving world. They talk lots of smack about traffic, wreckless driving and how tough the roads are - especially in LA. Sure, yes, traffic is pretty bad during rush hour.
But as soon as rain touches the roads, the highway crawls. People are pushed up against the steering wheel. Blinkers are left on for 2 and a half miles because drivers can't focus on anything else but driving.
It's cute :D
You talk a big talk, California, but come over here to DC and we'll really play...
Anywho, here is my video

Vegas time, yo!

Vegas. Hmm. It is definitely "photographically" pretty.
However, I don't think I would ever go back, except for WPPI. Certainly not my favorite city in all the world :D

PS. This is SOOC (straight out of camera). Thank you brand new 5D.

As is this :D

On the last night in Vegas, all of us roomies (and the boys who were NOT roomies) went to dinner. I don't actually remember what hotel we ended up in -- I think The Venetian -- but we ate at Cheescake Factory. And we walked a long, long time. And Cheescake Factory has way too much on their menu.

Speaking of roomies, I need to give a little shout-out to Christi and Cait.
These two friends from North Carolina got us hooked up with a sweet deal (woot for friends with time shares!) and I was so blessed to be able to room with them :D
Christi Ann is still in highschool and has an amazing eye! She is going places, ladies and gentleman, she's doing so good!

Cait is FULL of personality and makes me laugh so hard. She is also quite talented with an awesome eye. And she's so young! You know I have a special place in my heart for the young photog's of the world :D

I love you two so much!

Alright, another highlight!
A 3-hour-one-on-one workshop with Mark Brooke!

I love how he uses tilt shift lenses, and I wanted to learn from him. I'm about to rent one and hopefully buy one soon. I just LOVE the look so very much :D

This little joke is how we photography nerds roll ;D
But it made me smile, and therefore, made the blog.

And one last "Hello!" to my dear friend Ally. I really like hanging out with you.

Ok. No more Vegas posts! Donezo!


  1. you "uhhh uh"-ed in your video :)

    plus, SWINGS! you hadn't shown me that picture before! guh!

  2. HA! mont village ave!! except i think most people go under 28 mph "just to be safe!" haha gosh you had me laughing.


  3. you are cute :)

    and it's so true. people slow down waaaay too much. gosh.

  4. ha ha - you were talking about me on your video! i confess. back story: josh was going away for the weekend, so we all got in the car to take him and he drove. i drove home - obviously because we dropped him off. ;) ok, so like 1 week later we got TWO traffic tickets from the SAME camera - one on the way up and one on the way back from that trip! LOL! no we are traffic camera freaks and i will drive way out of my way to avoid them.
    AND, i want to say i really like the look of the photos you took at your 3 hour workshop. : ) cool look to them.
    lastly, that note was so cute - totally deserved to be posted.
    ~kelly c

  5. I hate it when people slow down to look at an accident! I also hate the toll roads you all have out east! While California's taxes are crazy high, I'm so glad I don't have to carry around change all the time! We also don't have cameras that catch you speeding. By the way, love your hair in the video!

  6. everytime someone does something i don't like i immediately look at the license plate and it's a car from maryland. when maryland drivers come to dc, they forget that they're not driving in their cozy little suburbs. it annoys me to no end!

  7. cute shots! great memories.

  8. I've been blog stalking you for a little while - you were one of my mom's math students, so I figured since I kindof knew who you were that it was ok. I also blog stalk weddingbee.com and Mrs. Avocado's mother shot during WPPI as well. My online stalkee worlds collided!

    Great work!

  9. I believe the dynamic you witnessed on the CA roads is due mostly to the fact that, since the area doesn't get rain that often, the normal oil drips that the cars leave on the road don't get washed away, making it so that when it does rain, the roads become treacherously slippery.

  10. I'm with you with DC/MD/VA traffic Kristen, totally with ya on that one, lol!

  11. I make you laugh? Honey, I hurt after chillin with you. Like, 'WHOA I laughed way too much' hurt.

  12. Ooooooh! I love the shots you posted of Mike and I! Thanks again!


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