Bobby and Jenny

Yesterday was my first wedding of my wedding season. :D Yay!
To the rest of my 2009 brides, I have an announcement: Bobby and Jenny set the bar very high on the "Awesome Wedding Scale."
Jenny is an adorable, tiny, talk-y little thing who was jaw-dropping as a bride.

Bobby is Mr.Coolio and is the drummer for an awesome band called "My Favorite Highway."
(shameless plug: check out there stuff here!)

Bobby has pretty much been in love with Jenny for forever. Aaaand she hasn't.
I heard she cried and cried before their first date in highschool because she really didn't like him.
I can't imagine this contagious smiler being upset. But I guess he was that bad....? ;)

Happily, God has a way of changing girls hearts, giving boys courage and "fight" and bringing two people together exactly how He wants :D

And isn't Bobby so lucky! Sheeeesh! This one needs to be on Brides Magazine ASAP. You are way too pretty, Jenny.

Cute girls :D

I think it's a photographer sin to not take advantage of beautiful old church rooms like this one:

Jenny was so sweet. She would just all of a sudden start crying and be like "Oh no! I'm exploding! Ah! No crying! Ah!"
Her sisters would reassure her "No, nooo. You aren't exploding -- its just a gentle trickle! Your make-up is fine! You look perfect!"
"No," Jenny would say, "I'm exploding like a volcano!"
I like her :D

Right before she walked down the aisle she said a prayer with her best friend. Jenny was asking for prayer alllll day long and I think God answered every single one. The day was seriously perfect.

Whooooa! Hey now brown cow! Look whose being all artsy with her ceremony shots ;D

Isn't that so happy? Gosh, so stinkin' happy!

The sun had gone to bed long before the ceremony started, but never fear!
Kristen Leigh and her 50mm f/1.2 are here!

And there was also a gorgeous church...

And an awesome couple....
(ps. It really was SO dark when we took these but I love how they came out!)

Props to Bobby for spotting this way cool stair well! I lovelovelove it!

In the slideshow I have more from the reception, but I have to talk about this one for a sec.
Bobby wrote a song for his girl and had two guys from his band play it at the reception.
That is SO sweet. And I think Jenny liked it :D

A fun "All the Single Ladies" shot.

I liked both of these and I couldn't pick. So you get to see both!

Now down here I have the slideshow. You really should watch it. Do you want to know some reasons why?
Alright, here's a few:
1) There are pictures of the real Aston-Martin black James-Bond-esque car they rode in.
2) The song I used is called "Until You" by David Barnes and I think I have a crush on this song... it's super cute ;D
3) You can see the details of the reception that was in the rocking American Visionary Art Museum -- including the "Ice Cream Parlor" and "Cupcake Bar"
4) And because.


Congratulations Bobby and Jenny! I had a blaaast with you on your big day :D


  1. Seriously amazing! You really captured the emotion, and what an adorable couple!

  2. You're best wedding, in my opinion! These are some excellent pictures. :)

  3. looks like it was a such a cool wedding!

  4. KRISTEN. I think this is your best yet. PHENOM., YOU ARE!! :)

  5. Wow Kristen!! Gorgeous pictures!!!

    How did you get the layout for you blogspot? Your pictures show up nice and big, it looks really nice! Sorry for all my questions I'm always asking!!

  6. whew, lots to live up to for sure! :P beautiful as always friend.

  7. nice work ms. leigh. your work is getting soooooooo good! keep it up!

  8. Gorgeous pictures and what a DARLING couple!!!!!

  9. seriously - where were you when i got married!?!?
    i especially adore the one with the bridal party in the pews and the couple in front of them. great job!
    ~kelly c

  10. Ok. Bottom line.
    1. I LOVE YOUR WORK. It's amazing.
    2. Not as amazing as you.
    3. I adore how you write on your blog. Smiles? Um, yeah.
    4. I love the indoor group shot on the pews. SO awesome.
    5. You're so artsy with your ceremony shots. Psh. Too awesome.

  11. She is such a darling!!! Great job! :)

  12. So gorgeous...but we all know you have an amazing eye! =)

  13. Wow, this wedding really does set the bar high! You did an amazing job capturing this event, every shot is gorgeous.

  14. Amazing! What a gorgeous couple too!

  15. Wow, gorgeous! I loved them all! My favorite shot is the one of the bride and groom standing with all the couples sitting behind them in the pews. :)

  16. whyyyyyy are you so stinkin' good! gaaaah! this is def my favorite wedding ever. some of your bestest work ever! i love you!

  17. GORGEOUS. Ahhh...

    love the band too...i think i have a crush. ;)

  18. I posted a link to you on my brand new photo blog- hope you do not mind. I like your photos- good job trying out the ts lens. i really like that photo of the bride and her friend praying.

    nice to internet meet you.

  19. Omgosh Kristen, I love them!! And the slideshow rocked!! Great job.

  20. friend!!!! you did so great! this was perfect! you can feel the emotion jumping out in each shot! good job! :) hug

  21. hey kristin,

    I was wondering if you would mind telling me how you get your blog pics so big. I use blogger and can't get my pics very big and would love for them to look like yours do. :)


    PS- i LOOOOOOOVED your post about your dream list, and i am currently working on mine!

  22. um, these are simply spectacular. i LOVE them!! AHHHH! :D

    and you are so so so doing my wedding. so so so. ;)


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